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Quarterly below expectations for Google, even Microsoft is not smiling

Microsoft e Google (via Alphabet) register a quarterly report below expectations. These are unsatisfactory results that come after a quarter characterized by the economic crisis, the war in Ukraine and rising inflation. Here are the details regarding the financial results announced by the companies in the last few hours and for the quarter between April and June.

Google and Microsoft recorded unsatisfactory results in the last quarter

Google records a quarterly report with revenues of $ 69.69 billioni ed a growth of “only” + 12.6%. This is a result below expectations. It should be noted that the net profit stops at 16 billion dollars with a decrease of 13.6% compared to the data collected last year.

In addition to Google, too Microsoft he has to deal with a quarterly report that is below expectations. For the company, in fact, they are registered revenues up 12% to $ 51.87 billion. Net profit, on the other hand, stops at $ 16.7 billion, up + 2% compared to last year’s data.

The two companies have to deal with unsatisfactory results for analysts. The factors that have affected these results are different and, probably, also the next quarter will be unconvincing. We will see what the results of the companies will be over the next few months.

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