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Telepass launches an exclusive collection of NFT

Telepass announces its entry into the digital world of Non Fungible Token (NFT): a thousand rare and unique digital works arrive in blockchain Ethereum. A gateway to exclusive services and content, dedicated events and initiatives.

Telepass launches its exclusive NFT collection

Telepass worked on his project NFT internally, through its division Digital Telepass. A launch that wants to mark a triumphal entry into the Web3which one day will allow the decentralization of payments.

Those who own Telepass NFTs will be able to take advantage of various services and cash back on mobility services. In fact, users will not only purchase a digital artwork, but also enter a membership program at Telepass. Discounts, offers and customer benefits. Or they can resell the collectibles in the future in secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea e Rarible.

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The proceeds from the NFT project will be donated to environmental redevelopment, education, sustainability and encouraging a mobility increasingly green, fair and sweet. Topics very dear to Telepaass.

These 1.000 NFTdeveloped with token ERC-1155, will be linked to five macro areas: fuel, electric charging, skipass, car wash, shared mobility. To buy them you need a wallet personale (es. Metamask, Coinbase Wallet) and own criptovaluta Ethereum (ETH.

Gabriele Benedetto, Chief Executive Officer of Telepass he explains: “NFTs open up the possibility of revolutionizing the concept of loyalty in mobility by allowing operators in this sector both to share their users and, at the same time, to solve their privacy problems. Furthermore, in perspective, a bridge could be created between real mobility and that of the metaverse, beyond the Web3. We are the largest Italian community of people on the move, with 4 million customers already fully digitized and which since 1990 has managed over 1.5 billion micropayment transactions. We are therefore the perfect company for customer base and beta testing capabilities for an innovative project like this and which we want to make open to all mobility operators “.

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