Queen Charlotte: everything we know about the plot, cast, trailer and release date

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After the success of Bridgerton, Netflix is ​​preparing to launch its spin-off Queen Charlotte, let’s find out the plot, the release date and much more

While fans of Bridgerton are anxiously awaiting the third season, here are new rumors about the brand new prequel of the much acclaimed series. The new spin-off, entitled Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, will debut on the Netflix platform in the spring. Here is all the news about it.

The plot | Queen Charlotte: everything we know about the plot, cast, trailer and release date

From the title, it’s easy to deduce that the protagonist of the miniseries will be Queen Charlotte, the same one we met in the mother series and which immediately aroused the curiosity of the spectators. Here we will see her at a young age, grappling with her marriage to Re George. Their union will make the woman live a great love story, but she will also have to learn to manage the rise to power. In the meantime, Lady Agatha he will use the girl to find his place in society, thanks also to the influence of her husband, who is much older than her. Charlotte’s coronation will, according to Netflix, be the beginning of everything we know about the world of Bridgerton.

Queen Charlotte: everything we know about the plot, cast, trailer and release date

The cast | Queen Charlotte: everything we know about the plot, cast, trailer and release date

To date, some names have been disclosed that will be part of the cast of the series. Among them, the protagonist, Queen Charlotte, will be played by India Amarteifiowhile King George will have the face of Corey Mylchreest. During the show we will then get to know the young Violet Bridgerton and Lady Dunbury, played respectively by Connie Jenkins-Greig it’s yes Arsema Thomas. Kate Brayben will play the role of Vivian Ledger, while Keir Charles those of Lord Ledger. Michelle Fairleythe famous Catelyn Stark of Game of Thrones, will instead be Princess Augusta.

The announced cast is completed with Richard Cunningham as Lord Bute, Sam Clemmett in those of Brimsley, Cyril Nri as Lord Dambury e Tunji Kasin in that of Adolphus. The series has as an executive producer Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers e Tom Verica. The Rhimes she is also the writer of the project, together with Julia Quinn.

The trailer and the release date | Queen Charlotte: everything we know about the plot, cast, trailer and release date

If for the third season of Bridgerton we still don’t have a release date, fortunately for Queen Charlotte things are different. In fact, the prequel miniseries will be released on 4 maggio 2023. Filming has already been completed for some time, more precisely in August 2022.

The end of filming allowed the production to launch a little preview of the meeting between Charlotte and King George, on the occasion of the Netflix event Tum. Only in mid-February did the primo teaser trailerwhich we present below:

A universe around Bridgerton

Speaking of Rhimes, Bela BajariaNetflix’s worldwide content supervisor, commented:

Shonda and her team are expertly trying to create a real universe around Bridgerton. In this way, they can continue to give fans lots of new quality content. Now they are preparing to work on the next seasons, with which we hope to be able to satisfy all our viewers.

Truly excellent news for fans of the series who, in addition to this spin-off, are anxiously awaiting the third season of the mother series, Bridgerton (here all the previews), whose release date still remains a mystery. Don’t worry though, we at You know we are always here, ready to update you as soon as the announcement arrives. Continue to follow us also to stay updated on all the news and previews on the world of cinema and TV series.

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