Raffa: the TV series about Raffaella Carrà is now on Disney+

Roma-Napoli: dove vedere la partita?

Raffa, the new TV series about Raffaella Carrà, is available from today on Disney+, a three-episode docuseries that talks about the life of the most famous and loved Italian showgirl in the world and who left her mark on the world of television

Just over two years after the death of the greatest Italian showgirl, after the release of the film in cinemas, it arrives on Disney+ Raffa, the opportunity to relive the moments of Raffaella Carrà’s life. These three episodes of this docuseries tell, through testimonies and anecdotes of people from the world of entertainment and television who collaborated with her and who knew her, her life, her character and her artistic path that led her to be what she has become.

The TV series tells the legend of Raffaella Carrà

The three episodes of the docuseries look back the events of the private life and public life of the Italian artist, starting from his childhood in Romagna until his move to Rome. He studied at the Experimental Center of Cinematography and very early makes his debut in the world of cinema and in 1960 he almost got the part of Rosetta for The Ciociaramasterpiece of Vittorio De Sica. After her success on the big screen, Raffaella Carrà moved to television, creating a new way of hosting a show Me, Agata and you, where she made her debut as prima donna. The following year comes thescandal” of Tuca Tuca born due to a choreography that was a little too daring, but collaborating with the dancer Alberto Sordi, becomes a popular phenomenon. The docuseries therefore talks about the life of a woman who has become a symbol ofequality of the sexes and freedom in the Seventies, queen of public TV in the Eighties and icona LGBTQ+.

Raffa: the TV series about Raffaella Carrà is now on Disney+

Daniele Luchetti talks about Raffaella Carrà

Daniele Luchetti (here is his filmography), the director of the TV series on the life of Raffaella Carrà, in addition to telling us about her, it also tells us something more. If it starts from the beginning, it is inevitable that Daniele will also show us the various historical periods of Italy and Raffaella be our ferryman over these decades, showing us the social and anthropological changes in our country. With testimonials from Fiorello, Marco Bellocchio and Barbara Boncompagni, the series also becomes a time machine, without losing sight of the protagonist Raffaella Carrà. Luchetti wanted to tell every aspect of her life, even the darkest and most personal moments, such as the trauma of abandonment by his father and that he will make his future relationships complicated by focusing on those with Gianni Boncompagni and Sergio Japinotwo men who were important to her both artistically and sentimentally.

The docuseries is already available on Disney+. Did you know Raffaella Carrà? Will you see the series? Let us know in the comments! Continue to follow us on TechGameWorld.com for other news from the world of cinema and television!

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