Rainbow Six Extraction: release date confirmed?

Rainbow Six Extraction release date revealed? Confirmation may have come directly from Ubisoft. Let’s find out all the details in this news

The new title in the Rainbow Six series – Extraction, formerly called Quarantine but later modified due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic – it could have one release date confirmed. Release date revealed, probably by mistake, by Ubisoft itself and visible on the official website of the same software house. Recently, however, Ubisoft itself confirmed the existence of a new title in the series Ghost Recon; clicking here you can find out all the details related to this new game.

Rainbow Six Extraction: release set for January 2022?

The Rainbow Six Extraction release date it has already undergone changes and postponements in recent months. The last postponement indicated a generic “January 2022” which, according to the latest information, so generic it probably isn’t. The release date, according to what was presented on the official Ubisoft website, seems to be set precisely for January 20, 2022. Further confirmations (and perhaps an official press release) are awaited from the same company.

Rainbow Six Extraction: release date confirmed?

Many details have been revealed by Ubisoft about this title in recent weeks and months and so much is the wait in view of the official release on the market. Rainbow Six Siege was – and still is – a real one milestone in the FPS market in recent years. Will the next title in the series be able to confirm and carry the heavy legacy of its predecessor on its shoulders? We will see and in the meantime we invite you to let us know your opinion leaving a comment in the appropriate section below.

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