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Rainbow Six Siege: All the news of Year 7 and the roadmap of 2022

Ubisoft, after celebrating the 80 million players of Rainbow Six Siege, lays out its plans for 2022, starting with the new first season of Year 7.

The Rainbow Six Siege roadmap for 2022

Good news for players of Rainbow Six Siegevideo game Ubisoft based on the novels of Tom Clancy. The well-known development house has announced that the videogame title has surpassed the 80 million users, and to celebrate there are many new features. After all the first season of Year 7 (which we told you about here) introduces a first new Operator (Azami) and – for the first time in three years – a new map. But that’s not all: a new game mode (Team Deathmatch) and a system to pay gamers who will help fix video game bugs. But what else can we expect from 2022? Not a little according to what was declared by Ubisoft, which shared the roadmap for the current year.

In fact, we know that Season 2 will present us with another one Operator from Belgium and a new map set in Greece. Season 3 will instead introduce us to an Operator from Singapore and an unspecified competitive map. The year should end with the last Operator from caliente Colombia.

The videogame also points to improve its anti-cheat system, which was introduced during Year 6. In fact, Season 1 will more easily identify griefers and voluntary disconnections. During Season 2, however, they will be adopted countermeasures against players who will take advantage of friendly fire, restricting reverse friendly fire. Overall, Ubisoft’s commitment appears to be aimed at create a safer and more fair gaming environment. In fact, in Season 3 players will be able to report harassment and insults through specific reporting options in Match Replay. It will also introduce i Reputation Scores in Season 4, which will penalize repeat offenders and harassers.

Year 7: how much does the Pass cost?

Until 21 March it will be possible to buy the Year Pass for Year 7. The cost is 30,00€but you can also buy the Premium Pass for double the amount (€ 60.00). The first unlocks i four seasonal Battle Passes which include 14 days early access to new Operators. THEThe Annual Premium Pass instead unlocks the four Battle Passes, early access to Operators, exclusive exotic weapon skins, VIP Credits and much more. Additionally, players who decide to purchase the Premium Year Pass will also unlock 20 extra levels out of 100, receiving rewards faster. We also remind you that console users will receive dedicated updates. These include customization of the aiming control, new controller presets and field of view settings.

There is no shortage of exclusive welcome content for new Rainbow Six Siege players. In fact, Year 7 dedicates to them Shooting Range: training camps to practice without experiencing race anxiety. New users will also receive useful information to get to know all the Operators better and their respective equipment, so as to be ready for battle. They will not fail then strategic advice relating to Attackers and Defenders. In short, you will not be afraid to face the pro players (or maybe you?).

Ubisoft also announced that will continue to work on some Operators (Zero, Bandit, Dokkaebi and Thatcher). We can therefore expect news and improvements in the statistics. Moreover Team Deathmatch and Arcade modes will be implemented permanently in the game. All this will lead to an improvement of the Ranking system which will more accurately reflect the growth of individual players. Finally, last but not least, the development team will add cross-play and cross-progression by the end of 2022.

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