Rakuten Kobo: an eReader for every type of reader

Rakuten Kobo: un dispositivo per ogni tipo di lettore, ecco le proposte thumbnail

The eReader di Rakuten Kobo they are a real point of reference for all lovers of digital reading. The options to choose a Kobo model that suits your needs certainly not lacking. Here are the proposals of the company that aims to offer all users a model capable of satisfying their needs as much as possible:

Rakuten Kobo recommends the best eReaders for every need

Rakuten Kobo’s first proposition is the reader Kobo Nia, ideal for budding readers, unpretentious and featuring 8GB of storage. Note, however, the possibility of betting on Kobo Clara HD for those who fall into the category of the book eater.

This player has a 300 PPI display with 6-inch anti-glare panel and comes with 8GB of storage. It is therefore the ideal solution to experience reading in a complete way thanks to a Rakuten Kobo reader.

Con Kobo Sage it is, however, possible to take advantage of various accessories such as SleepCover, PowerCover and Kobo Stylus as well as an 8-inch HD and Ink Carta 1200 touch display. For more sophisticated readers, however, there is Elipsa blanket with 10.3 inch touch screen.

Also note 2 Pound Coinsequipped with 32 GB of memory as well as an ergonomic design with dedicated keys to turn the page and better manage reading, without any limitations.