Sony: The cameras now include an anti-counterfeiting system

Sony ha introdotto un sistema anti contraffazione per le sue fotocamere thumbnail

With the month of August, Sony has announced the introduction of a special anti-counterfeiting image technology in the cameras intended for business users and to organizations of various types. The anti-counterfeiting system developed by Sony for its cameras provides theapplying a digital signature at the time of shooting.

Sony introduces an anti-counterfeiting system for its cameras reserved for the corporate sector

Users will have the possibility to activate a special operating mode, already integrated in the camera, which applies the anti-counterfeiting system. The camera’s processor, in fact, adds an encrypted signature as soon as the shutter is released. In case of modification or tampering, therefore, it will be possible to detect this operation instantly. The system introduced by Sony is available for the camera Alpha 7 IV and in the future it will be extended to other models. With the new operating mode, users can securely create and transmit images protected by a cryptographic system.

Yasuo Baba, Director of Digital Imaging and European Product Marketing di Sony, commented: “One of Sony’s missions is to consolidate business solutions with cutting-edge image technologies, and the integration of a digital signature system into cameras is set to revolutionize the fight against image manipulation and counterfeiting in different fields. Although it needs to be tailored to the needs of individual industries, this digital signature technology is multilingual and can be used internationally, allowing organizations around the world to simplify mandatory signing on images through Sony technology. “