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We tried the new Range Rover in version 2022 and we fell in love with it. The design and aesthetics have changed radically but comfort and luxury have not, those are iconic. Not for nothing has it always been the favorite car of Her Majesty the Queen of England.

Range Rover 2022: all new… and what style

Ranger Rover – now in its fifth generation – has always been one of the Queen of England’s favorite vehicles. However, not only English blood flows in the veins of this extraordinary vehicle… because yes, there is also some Italianness here. The designer in charge of the project is called Massimo Frascella and his idea behind the design of the New Ranger Rover is…”made from solid”. But what exactly does that mean?

We could summarize it by stating that the very clean, smooth, almost ethereal lines seem to have been pulled out of a single block of marble. In fact, looking closely at the new Range Rover it is like a monolith, solid, imposing but which at the same time conveys a certain sense of softness and kindness.

Stops are hidden inside black vertical bars when at rest

The search for sophisticated details then takes care of making it animated: some examples? The stop lights – with LEDs – create the illusion of having the consistency of a luminescent liquid and when they are at rest they blend in with shiny black details. The same thing happens for the dynamic directional arrows. What about the LED headlights with an unmistakable light signature. The pearl white roof in our case seems to float thanks to the black pillars.

The details make the difference

The details of this Range Rover make all the difference. Any examples? The doors are big and heavy… but not killer, in fact they are kind enough to stay open by themselves without the risk of them closing on you. And to be special there is also the noise canceling which transforms the car into an island of calm thanks to the double glazing combined with noise canceling technology which counteracts external noise.

Personally I find it beautiful with a remarkable design: it is not a simple undertaking to combine an extremely sophisticated and futuristic minimalism without losing along the way – or worse betraying – a truly cumbersome historical DNA.

Ranger Rover 2022: size matters

Range Rover is immense: 5.05 meters wide, 2.21 meters high and 1.82 meters high. Weight? Just 2.7 tons for the version we had on trial (the Hybrid plugin with 3000 petrol engine, 6 cylinders in linecoupled with a 105 kW electric motor with a total power output of 400 horsepower and 620Nm of torque). To complete the picture we then have an 8-speed gearbox and a usable 31.8 kWh battery pack that allow even 100 km of autonomy on paper. Very considerable.

Also noteworthy is the double-opening trunk with a capacity starting from 725 litres. Beautiful but above all useful the flap which is so solid as to allow you to sit down in total safety even for a picnic in the open air.

The interior, what a show

Space and comfort for everyone: your passengers will travel in a royal way. Here, everything is finished down to the smallest detail: the upholstery is beautiful and refined, and in addition, with just a few gestures, the seats can be reclined slightly, revealing hidden compartments for storing objects, recharging the new tech gadgets or simply sleeping pampered by its softness.

It’s great up front too. The seats are a pleasure, they can be adjusted in every single point and of course they can offer the massage function. All this can be activated from the display without too many clicks.
In our version we find the interior in semi-aniline leather which covers everything including the entire steering wheel but also other parts of the passenger compartment which are usually made of plastic, such as the more hidden and lower parts of the doors.

I found instead the diameter of the frill of this new Ranger Rover and a bit big for my tastes. For the rest, the interiors are beautiful, with large spaces: to “storage” both passengers and objects.

I also adore the all-glass roof without interruptions, which always gives that feeling of incredible freedom.

Technology to sell

The external minimalism is also reflected in the arrangement of the internal functions: we now have a single and very large 13-inch screen (no longer divided in two as in the previous model), which slightly recalls that of Tesla. The entertainment system is always the same, well-finished and easy to consult… I also loved the fact that Apple CarPay is wireless but above all full screen! Beautiful.
The screen then has this very slight curvature that looks like an optical illusion and instead… it’s really curved!

How to drive the new Range Rover

When you’re behind the wheel it conveys one thing: peace and quiet. Our plug-in hybrid version obviously starts electric and can travel up to 100km on a single charge in the city. Since I’ve been trying it, I haven’t refueled yet.

Driving it for a week I was able to appreciate its versatility: it is certainly bulky and heavy, but all in all it is agile: the four-wheel steering in anti-phase at low speeds means that it drives like a smart. And what about the turning radius of only 11 metres.

Despite the 400 horsepower total… well, it certainly won’t convey sportiness, rather a lot of calmness: 0-100 is in 6 seconds and this figure is indicative of how much weight affects driving. But don’t be fooled by appearances, the electric motor always gives you that spark at the exact moment you need it. The management of the electric gear takes place through the EV button, if you wish you can also circulate only in electric.

The internal combustion engine is extremely fluid, never jerks but above all it has good delivery already at 1500 rpm. The gearbox is not too snappy but still the driving sensation is really pleasant. Obviously you can feel the body roll, the set-up is tremendously soft as is the steering, but those who choose a car of this kind are aware of what they are getting into. In case you want a little more rigidity, you will have to set the Dynamic driving mode by pressing the wheel and then turning it… which I have practically always done.

This Range Rover is also ready for adventure when needed. Even if, personally, it would hurt my heart to take it on rough roads. With a couple of taps on the display you can raise it by quite a few centimeters and, if necessary, activate the low gears. If there are obstacles around you, technology will meet you with a camera set that helps you understand what is happening.

Autonomy and recharge

But where are we with consumption? On paper, its being so “smooth” in lines and shapes means that the aerodynamic coefficient is only 0.30, practically a record for such a large SUV. This should translate into a lot of efficiency. Will consumption prove the designers right?
During my week of use, I settled on 9.5 liters per 100 km out of 400 km travelled.
Keep in mind that I used a lot of electricity, so in this case it is always difficult to give an opinion on consumption.

While I’m at it, I’m talking about recharging: surprise… despite being a plugin, it can be recharged either in alternating current at 7.2 kw x 5 hours or in direct current with the 50 kw CSS combo (not bad) in just under 1 hour . Ah just to be clear… its 31.8 kwh battery is beautiful hail. Keep in mind that a MINI COOPER SE (it is the full electric Mini to be clear) has a 28.9 khw battery pack. You do it, everything in proportion.

Luxury comes at a price: how much does the new Range Rover 2022 cost

Thus ends our journey aboard this “new” icon that exudes luxury and, why not, a desire for adventure. A highly desired icon, wallet permitting. Why yes, the new Ranger Rover in the 2022 version has a starting price of 129 thousand euros arriving at 150 thousand euros for the hybrid plugin version set up like ours.

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