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Rapunzel: Baz Luhrmann alla regia del remake live-action?

According to Disney, Baz Luhrmann could be the new director ahead of the live-action remake of Rapunzel

The fairytale world narrated in Rapunzel; is ready to come to life in a new live action from Disney. In fact, according to the latest news on the web, Disney is ready to implement a new one remake based on the animated film from 2010Rapunzel – The Tangle of the Tower, identifying as head of direction; the renowned Baz Luhrmann. The young princess with long golden hair; she is ready to amaze audiences of all ages, in a more unique than rare version, giving a story of adventure, freedom and self-determination.

Successful director thanks to masterpieces such as Elvis, The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge; seems to be the perfect choice to breathe new life into this fairy tale classic. With his bold vision and worlds and characterized by strong colors and emotions; gives viewers a fresh perspective in a renewed visual dimension. Here are all the details

Rapunzel: all the rumors around the Disney remake directed by Baz Luhrmann

News welcomed with great enthusiasm and emotion by the fans; in recent weeks several rumors have been depopulated on the web around the next Disney project. Among the hypotheses that emerged, in addition to the possible participation as director of Baz Luhrmann; the remake of Rapunzel could see as the next protagonistthe young actress the actress Florence Pugh. Rumors that have stirred the interest of the insider of the sectorJeff Schneider; which he immediately wanted to put questioned the possible role assigned to Florence Pugh and the director Luhrmann.

Although we still don’t know anything official; the project still in its primordial phase; it promises an excellent extraordinary fusion between the Disney magic and the creativity of the director. We just have to wait for more news on the future of the new live-action Disney, based on the animated masterpiece Rapunzel.

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