La nostra recensione di MadCatz RAT DWS: un topo senza coda thumbnail

RAT DWS review: MadCatz’s new wireless mouse

Also for MadCatz it’s time to move on to wireless and it does so by presenting the new RAT DWS which we will talk about in ours review. It is a very respectable product, which keeps its own aggressive and modular look, giving up the encumbrance of the wire. On the style of its wired cousins, we have the possibility to modify some parts (such as the side strokes that we will analyze later) and change certain measures, although the possibility of increasing the weight is less. In fact, the rear part is replaced with a battery compartment. Unlike many competitors, in fact, the MadCatz RAT DWS runs on a regular AA battery and not with an integrated one. Is it a Pro? Of a cons? How did it behave in the end during our tests? Let’s find out the details together in our review.

RAT DWS review: a rat without a tail

Let’s open ours review of RAT DWS with the analysis of its aesthetic side which, in some ways, is also functional. MadCatz does not align too much with the latest demands of the eSports market which sees increasingly lighter and more contained mice. Its weight, in fact, is 113g for a size of 113 x 87 x 38 mm. Not exactly the smallest and lightest, but not for this to discriminate. It is a peripheral capable of satisfying the need of that public who claims to have a solid and firm product in their hands. As well as its other cousins, the mouse is fully adjustable. The rear part, in fact, runs on a sort of track and can lengthen or shorten depending on the need. In the package there is also a spare part for the back, functionally identical, but with a different color.

Not only the end part can be replaced. Also inside the package, we also find two alternative side parts. The right one has a rubberized surface, useful for increase grip of the device. The left one, on the other hand, has a different angle for the thumb support. Both parts can be easily replaced thanks to the small hex key included in the package.

MadCatz RAT DWS accessories

No contour lights

A aesthetic level, the RAT DWS presents form very edgy and aggressive. We do not find any rounded elements, but almost “sharp” edges. In plain sight we also have screws and knobs which, however, do not represent a mere aesthetic element. All the details shown are functionally important, whether it is an extra key, or a screw for replacing an element. The mouse shows a total black coloring, interrupted from time to time by silver-colored details. We have no RGB element, no light, neither aesthetic nor functional. From an aesthetic point of view, nothing to say, the brand has opted for an aggressive style, but not very eccentric. The absence of the LED light definitely improves battery life, but we would have preferred there was at least one functional light for changing the PPE; without it, in fact, it is difficult to understand which stage we have set up.

Lots of buttons

A level of functionality, the MadCatz RAT DWS is definitely excellent: we have a total of 14 keys, much more than a common mouse for FPS. We remember, in fact, that the shape and structure do not place it in the MOBA mice, but given the amount of keys, it could be almost an entry level in the category. We have, in addition to the keys dedicated to the ignition, other pressable buttons and two scrolls (the classic wheel between right and left click and an additional one on the side). In detail we have the two left and right clicks, the button for the change of PPE (just below the silver colored wheel), a additional button just below it’s a button for changing profiles on the side next to the left click. There same wheel allows three clicks, one classic, plus two side.

But the buttons aren’t finished; we still have three side buttons: two thin ones, placed right on the edge and a more rounded one placed on the side towards the front. This, which is usually called a “sniper” button, when pressed, instantly lowers the DPI to allow for precision actions. It’s a button that was very much in vogue especially in FPS-dedicated mice, like the Razer Basilisk or the Logitech G502. Finally, we have an additional wheel, which allows a lateral movement (instead of forward / backward) placed practically inside the frame. This proves very useful if we have to scroll through calculation files that have a remarkably long sidebar.

RAT DWS review: adequate hardware?

After having told the aesthetic details, it is time to continue in our DWS RAT review with the analysis of its components hardware and its functioning. Let’s start from the base, or the connection: the MadCatz home mouse can be connected via WiFi 2.4GHz or through Bluetooth. The latter serves for lower battery consumption, although it significantly increases latency. At the level of time we have a potential of 300 hours via Bluetooth and approx 200 with WiF technologythe. The connection key is included in the package and can be housed inside the mouse in a special space at the bottom.

The part that most caught us off guard, though, is the power system. To be able to work, in fact, it is necessary to insert a AA battery (included in the package) in a compartment at the bottom. This is a part that, in the past, was used for weight modulation. Surely the pro of this type of battery is the duration, in fact, compared to the batteries of competitors, the duration is much higher. The problem, however, comes when the charge ends. Not having an internal battery and therefore a cable (or a charging stand) can really be a problem. For example, let’s say that the charge is finished and you need to use the mouse, what if you don’t have an extra battery available? As far as I’m concerned, this could become a major problem.

MadCatz RAT DWS retro review

To last hard, but the accuracy?

The RAT DWS features a PixArt 3335DB optical sensor able to go up to 16000 DPI, starting from a minimum of 100. We have a ‘acceleration of 40G, 400 IPS and a Polling Rate of 1000Hz. Let’s find one latency of 15ms in WiFi version and 57ms with Bluetooth connection. The features aren’t great, but they are enough to satisfy most mainstream gamers. Using the mouse in the most common operations, in fact, we did not feel a particular difference with other products. Even during the game, the mouse performed well, offering a satisfying experience.

The whole system is managed tramite software, thanks to which we can set DPI and profiles, as well as assign the various functions to the keys. The program is really very simple and intuitive and puts us in front of an easy to use screen. We can set up to four different profiles, each with different characteristics. The same applies to the various stages of PPE, which can be changed using the appropriate button located at the top.

MadCatz RAT DWS review: let’s pull the strings

As always, the time has come to pull the strings of our review of MadCatz RAT DWS. The mouse is definitely a great product with many interesting features and in some ways unique. It is one of the very few wireless and modular products, if not the only one in its style. We have the possibility to adapt it and change different parts, which allows for an excellent adaptability. The price is certainly low compared to other competitors (we are about sui 100€), although there are some aspects that can be improved. The first of all is the “disposable” battery which we find particularly inconvenient, especially considering that many other competitors can also be used via cable if necessary. The management software is simple and functional, the only real flaw is the total absence of LEDs for managing the PPE change. In general, however, we have a solid and functional product, which offers a different and “out of the box” experience compared to the well-known “eSport” models.

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