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Razer at CES 2023: with brand new technological innovations

With the debut of new technologies such as the world’s first beamforming soundbar with AI-powered head-tracking and the most powerful Blades ever, Razer ushers in the new year with new devices for gamers around the world shown at CES 2023

Razer, the global leader in lifestyle gaming, introduces itself at CES 2023 with brand new technological innovations shown in exclusive preview at its stand. Between concepts and product announcements, the fair represents the first opportunity for gamers and technology enthusiasts to get hands-on Razer Edgethe portable gaming device for Android last generation.

Razer Edge e Razer Edge 5G: Hands-On esclusivo

Developed with displays AMOLED da 6.8”resolution FHD+ and 2400×1080 e refresh rate a 144hz, Razer Edge it’s ideal for an always connected mobile gaming experience. The device is the first to be powered and developed exclusively for the latest gaming platform Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 and is purpose-built with active cooling for long gaming sessions with the best titles AAA and native gaming on the go without compromising performance.

Razer Edge will be released in the United States on January 26th in two versions: Razer Edge (Wi-Fi) exclusively on and US RazerStores for the price of $399.99 e Razer Edge 5G exclusively on and in Verizon stores.

Razer at CES 2023: with brand new technological innovations

Project Carol: The world’s first head pillow with near-field surround sound and haptics

Razer presents Project Carolthe world’s first head pillow with sound near-field surround and enveloping haptics, which takes gamers into a new world of audio and tactile immersion. Project Carol is the latest concept design from the innovative division R&S by Razer, a team dedicated to exploring new product designs, influencing the future lineup of Razer devices and winning multiple awards over the years CES Innovation e Best of Show.

Project Carol delivers new levels of immersion and realism through intelligent use of near-field surround for clear, pure audio, paired with 7.1 surround sound which ensures a captivating gaming experience. Unlike traditional speakers, Project Carol’s near-field surround sound provides more rear-facing audio close and direct, offering a more immersive soundscape. Equipped with award-winning technology HyperSense. The cushion converts game sounds into real-time haptic feedback, allowing players to hear everything behind them, putting them firmly in the center of the action.

Project Carol is natively supported on PC and designed to fit all gaming chairs, including popular lines Iskur ed Enki by Razer, via elastic and adjustable straps. Once connected via wireless a 2,4 GHzguarantees up to 8 hours of gameplay before needing to be reloaded.

Razer at CES 2023: with brand new technological innovations

Razer Leviathan V2 Pro: World’s First Beamforming Soundbar with AI for Head Tracking

Razer Leviathan V2 Pro represents the latest innovation in the field ofaudio 3Dbeing the first soundbar beamforming in the world for desktop with head-tracking based on AI. In collaboration with the pioneers of immersive audio, THXand with leading 3D audio beamforming experts, Audioscenic, Razer’s new PC soundbar is the perfect synthesis of both, delivering a surround soundstage and ensuring users are always in the right spot for an optimal listening experience. All in a compact, premium form factor, with simple installation that saves desktop clutter.

Combining beamforming surround sound with AI-based head-tracking technology, the Leviathan V2 Pro delivers immersive 3D audio thanks to integrated IR camera which detects the user’s location. This allows the soundbar to adapt its audio beams to the listener’s position in real time, ensuring they are always in the right spot for the best listening experience.

THX Spatial Audio

Equipped with THX Spatial Audio for an immersive experience and combined with Audioscenic adaptive beamforming, the soundbar delivers realistic 3D audio for all your entertainment needs which can be experienced in two modes: THX Spatial Audio Virtual Headset are suitable for any stereo content and deliver precise positional audio previously only found in headphones, while THX Spatial Audio Virtual Speakers are suitable for any multi-channel content that offers a wide, full soundstage like what users typically experience with a system home theatre complete.

Together with the included subwoofer, the soundbar delivers crisp and clear highs, deep and punchy bass with the support of Razer Chroma RGBwhich allows for deeper diving with 30 lighting zones, 16.8 million colors and over 200 built-in games in the world’s largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices. Available from January on at the price of €489,99.

Razer at CES 2023: with brand new technological innovations

Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra; the largest sensor ever in a webcam for DSLR-like quality

The bigger the sensor, the better the image quality: Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra redefines the visual standards of content creation and streaming. Thanks to the largest sensor ever used in a webcam, creators can experience level detail and clarity DSLR with simplicity plug-and-play of the most powerful webcam ever produced to date.

The heart of the new webcam professional is a sensor Sony 1/1.2″ STARVIS 2 ultra-largeleawith a pixel size of 2,9 μm to capture more light and image data and ensure exceptional detail and color. To make the most of the sensor’s potential, the Kiyo Pro Ultra is equipped with an aperture lens F/1,7 ultra-grandecapable of capturing almost an amount of light four times higher compared to other webcams, providing sharp and clear images even in low light conditions.

This exceptional image fidelity is maintained thanks to a state-of-the-art processor capable of converting footage raw 4K a 30 FPS (o 1080P a 60 FPS) in 4K a 24 FPS, 1440p a 30 FPS o 1080p a 60 FPS uncompressed directly into your stream. To ensure that creators are always the center of attention, autofocus Face Tracking AI-powered Kiyo Pro Ultra tracks the user’s face to ensure constant sharp focus, while artfully blurs the background with true effect bokeh.

Razer at CES 2023: with brand new technological innovations

High Dynamic Range

All this without the need for additional hardware or software. Thanks to the support ofHigh Dynamic Range (HDR) at 30 FPS, creators can achieve faithful colors thanks to Kiyo Pro Ultra’s ability to automatically fine-tune lighting and contrast, correcting over- or under-exposed areas to add more visual detail and textures that make colors pop , even in darker or lighter shades. Creatives can go further with Razer Synapsewhich allows you to fine-tune or change the quality of your content with a full selection of customizable settings, including ISOshutter speed, pan, tilt and more.

Furthermore, Kiyo Pro Ultra can be connected and put online in minutes, thanks to the connectivity USB 3.0, allowing users quick and easy access to truly professional video quality. Available on priced at €349,99.

VR peripherals designed for Meta Quest 2 – a true support for virtual reality

Razer has also unveiled two accessories VR per Meta Quest 2: Adjustable Head Strap System and the Facial Interfacemade for Meta Quest 2 by Razer in collaboration with ResMed, one of the leading human factor experts.

Designed for lasting comfort and balanced support, the Razer Adjustable Head Strap System was created with all head shapes in mind. High performance nylon material ensures reliability, comfort and durability, while optimized weight distribution allows for greater balance during active play. The soft, adjustable straps help players find their perfect fit, while the quick-connect design ensures minimal interruption to game pick-up.

The Razer Facial Interface it was developed to ensure long-lasting comfort and optimized support. Created with ultra-thin structured and profiled membranes, it eliminates pressure on the face while using hypoallergenic materials medical grade helps reduce skin irritation. The interface also blocks out light, while still providing ventilation, to allow for uncompromised diving. The crevice-free surface allows for better hygiene and easier maintenance, while the contoured 3D profile offers the perfect balance between comfort and support.

Razer’s VR peripherals for Meta Quest 2 will be available in the US in first quarter of 2023with plans to roll out to other regions in the future.

Razer at CES 2023: with brand new technological innovations

A new generation of Razer Blades

This 2023 evolution of the Razer Blade marks a paradigm shift for gaming laptops, combining state-of-the-art, largest displays in 16:10 format with the latest and most powerful graphics and processing technology, all packed into the thin and light chassis. They are in all respects the most powerful laptops the company has ever made. Unveiled at CES, the new ones Razer Blade 16 and Razer Blade 18 will not be available in Italy.

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