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Razer Con 2021: all the news announced at the keynote

The world of gaming (and not only) has a lot of news to discuss: al Razer Con 2021, there have been many announcements. Razer wanted immediately surprises. In fact this is the first conference in the world totalmente carbon neutral: it compensated for all devices used for live streaming. But the news continued for the duration of the keynote.

Razer Con 2021 announcements: not just gaming

Among the many announcements presented by the CEO of Razer MinLiang Tan, there are not only accessories and laptops for gamers. Indeed, the first announcement shows a highly anticipated product, which has finally arrived at the marketing stages.

Razer Zhephyrus Wearable Air Purifier, the smart mask (and with RGB lights)

The first intervention is part of the perspective of giving security and sustainability to its customers. Starting from last year, when Razer has donated over one million surgical masks all over the world, when there weren’t enough. And then he started creating custom masks, arriving at CES 2021 where they presented a mask that is safe but still allows you to be social.

The Project Hazel attracted worldwide attention. But now it becomes a commercial product, after many tests: the Razer Zephyrus Wearable Air Purifier. A mask full of technology. First of all to make it safe: compared to international standards, it turns out 99% safe: better than any disposable mask. It also has double speed fans so you can have enough air to breathe even when you play sports. One of the changes compared to the Porject Hazel, it doesn’t just hang behind the ears but directly on the head, to make it more stable and comfortable.

razer zephyrus wearable air purifier

But it is also designed to be social: it does not fog up your glasses when you wear it. But it is also transparent to show your mouth. And it has internal lights to light up your lips, with the RBG Chrome platform: the same lights you find in laptops and accessories.

Finally, it is sustainable. In fact, they are reusable, with filters that you can change and that last up to three days before you need to change them. This means you save up to 80% of waste compared to surgical masks.

The price? You can buy it at $ 99.99, starting today. You will find 9 filters if you want to buy more 10 the price is from $ 29.99the. You can also find the mask plus 33 filters at $ 149.99i.

Razer Kraken

Let’s move on to the audio department, and we do it great. The new headphones Razer Kraken V3 Pro they promise to be the product of choice for immersion – if you want to get lost in your games, it seems like the right device. Without sacrificing comfort: the Pro version has Razer Hyperspeed Wireless, a technology three times faster than the others at communicating with your PC, for zero latency.

razer con 202 kraken v3 pro-min

But the great immersion does not come only from the sound itself, but it is a multisensory experience. Indeed there is Razer Hypersense, which allows you to provide tactile “surround” feedback. It is also confirmed the THZ Spatial Audio, which you can use in eSport mode to better locate who is shooting or where the next enemy is coming from. Or you can use it in immersive mode.

The sound quality is ensured by Razer Triforce Titanium 50mm Driver, which allows for huge sound cleansing without sacrificing bass power and sound detail.

Razer Kraken V3 Pro arrives at $199.99i for the Christmas holidays. The version is available immediately Hypersense, which is the one with the cable, a $ 129.99. Finally, if you want to give up Hypersense, you can buy a $ 99.99 the basic version.

Laptop and PC components

The first step in Razer Con 2021 computer announcements starts from Razer Book, the massive powerhouse ultrabook announced by Razer this year. A product that has performance, autonomy and also many ports. Which from today comes with Windows 11 and in color Quartz, classic from Razer. Always starting from $ 999.

razer book-min

Then Razer started talking about its division of hardware products designed for the players. Designed for performance: the new Razer components arrive with excellent heat and noise management, without forgetting power management. But also with a very simple software management, to customize and monitor all your peripherals. Furthermore, the management of Chroma RGB.

  • Razer Hanbo Chroma, which lowers the temperatures of your CPU to liquid. Available in different sizes, it arrives in November.
  • Kunai Chroma, for air cooling it costs $ 44.99 at the end of the month
  • PWM Fan Controller for $ 49.99 to manage your coolers
  • Platinum PSU, modular and well built: Razer Katana, a line that starts from 750W reaches 1600W. But it also arrives in January

Razer Enki, the perfect chair for gamers (and smart working)

Iskur it is a chair that we know. The first truly ergonomic chair for gamers, which allows you to have the best position while playing. This is why they launched the XL version and also the entry-level version Iskur X. But for the Razer Con 2021 they decided to present a chair also designed to manage smart working. And for this it has to be comfortable, all day long.

The goal was to find the best one weight distribution, balancing it to avoid pressing on some areas more than others. They then adopted a scientific system, placing sensors in tons of chairs to analyze the best position. Not only on the seat but also on the backrest.

Then comes the Razer Enki, designed to sit comfortably all day, for smart working and play, one after the other. A seat 21 inches wide, an internal lumbar support and the ability to bend 110 degrees. And they optimized the density of the pillows to be comfortable all day, with skin ecosynthetics.

Also comes the version Pro, with the carbon fiber on the back, the alcantara for the support of the arms and on the back. In addition to a wheel to lower the seat. But there is also the version Enki X, with all the “science” of other chairs but with 2D arm supports instead of 4D.

The price of the Pro? 999 euros starting from 2022. Model base costs 399 ddollars already today, with the Quartz version too. Model entry level costa 299 dollari.

Gaming partnerships announced at Razer Con 2021

There are also many news for those who love to customize their gaming accessories with the colors and patterns of their favorite games. And I’m really important collaborations those announced at Razer Con 2021. In fact there are those with:

  • Genshin Impact (arriving by the end of 2021)
  • Halo Infinite (which are available today)

But for Halo, there are not only accessories. In fact, Razer also announced a custom GPU Halo Infinite AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT. There are only 117 in the world, and they gave them away to Razer fans following the conference, with give away. But not all: there are daily challenges until 8 December. So subscribe to the social channels to win them.

Razer Gold e Silver

There are over 30 million Razer Gold in the world, the digital currency for gamers. With which you can make more and more purchases. Particularly:

  • Call of Duty mobile (including the World Championship)
  • TikTok and Nuverse
  • Dark Nemesis
  • Ragnarok X

Razer Silver instead allows you to get rewards for Razer fans, from games to hardware. Beyond 17 billion Silver have been redeemed by players around the world. You can get them with:

  • Razer Gold,
  • By playing Hypercasual Games
  • Buying hardware (soon also in stores)

Finally, you can leverage these currencies and earn Silver in Razer Cortex on Android, benefiting and climbing the charts.

Sustainability at the heart of Razer Con 2021

The Razer conference then continued by announcing the arrival of many new ones experience store in the future, with the possibility that soon they can also arrive in Italy to try all the products firsthand. Furthermore, the CEO talked about theSneki Snek initiative, which sells several products with the Razer mascot to save the trees. The goal is to get to one million trees saved, so it’s a purchase that’s good for the environment. And that’s only part: Razer is working a lot with packaging for reduce the environmental footprint. By 2030, it will be fully recyclable.

Furthermore, the collaboration with Underwriters Laboratories, to create a unique sustainable standard for the gaming industry. Transparent and clear, so you can make sustainable choices even when choosing your gaming accessories. Finally, Razer also announces a partnership with Panerai, who builds luxury watches and has sustainability at heart like Razer. In fact, they will work together to raise awareness of ocean pollution. And in 2022, a Razer and Panerai watch should also arrive thanks to this collaboration.

The opening and closing of the keynote were focused on attention to the environment. But this is also reflected in the products presented, with great attention to the materials chosen. One more reason to wait for all these great gamer news announced today.

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