Razer: Features the OrnataV3 ergonomic keyboard

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Razer presents the ergonomic ‘low profile’ Ornata V3 keyboard, with mecha-membrane technology, let’s discover it together in this article

Razerthe global leader in lifestyle gaming. Announce Ornata V3the new gaming keyboard entry-level ‘low profile’ con switch Razer Mecha-membrane. Thanks to compact size and to a design sottile keycaps, Ornata V3 meets the needs of gamer modern looking for a keyboard full-size with added value features at an affordable price.

Featuring a more design compact and modernOrnata V3 features new switches that combine the best of mechanical and membrane technology, offering a touch more soft and cushionedfor maximum comfort in gaming sessions, combined with the typical click appreciated by gamers.

To ensure maximum durability, i keycap in ABS of the Ornata V3, have a coating UV, which increases resistance to scratches and wear. The technology completes the whole thing Razer Chroma RGB con 10 lighting zoneskeys dedicated backlit multimedia it’s a soft-touch magnetic ergonomic palm rest for long hours of play, a rarity in this price range.

Razer: Features the OrnataV3 ergonomic keyboard

Razer: Ornata V3

The Ornata V3 X is also announced today, featuring the same form factor compact and low profile, keycap in ABS with coating UV and a splash resistant design. Ornata V3 X is also equipped with silent membrane switches, Razer Chroma RGB with lighting a 1 zone it’s a removable palm rest for maximum playing comfort.

Availability and prices

Ornata V3 and V3 X are ergonomic keyboards’low profile‘ con palm rest perfect for gamers. Available from now at the price of 49.99 euro for the version V3 X while the version V3 at the price of 99.99 euro. For more information, visit the dedicated website.

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Razer Item: Introduces OrnataV3 Ergonomic Keyboard Comes From ToteK.

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