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Razer: presented the new Stream Controller X

Razer has recently presented the new Stream Controller X, specifically designed to make life easier for streamers. Let’s see it closely

Razerthe American-Singaporean global leader in lifestyle gaming, has recently introduced the newest addition to the family, lo Stream Controller X. This device presents itself as the latest novelty in the ecosystem of Razer devices for streaming. It is designed to captivate the audience during gameplay sessions or regular video broadcasts. Thanks to 15 programmable LCD buttons in a compact format, streamers are able to easily flash their stream lights, play custom sounds or switch between applications with a simple click, giving their broadcasts a new look.

Razer: presented the new Stream Controller X

Lots of options for the new Razer Stream Controller X

This new device is based on the Loupedeck Softwarewhich guarantees the play-and-play compatibility with all major streaming platforms such as OBS Studio, Twitch, Streamlabs, Adobe Premier Pro and more. With access to the Loupedeck user interface, streamers can smoothly install popular applications, plugins and even emotes to enhance the streaming experience. They are also able to easily drag and drop their favorite applications via the Marketplace in Loupedeck, for infinite customization. Popular plugins include Spotify, Phillips Hue, Adobe Photoshop, and even Voicemod, which help streamline your creative processes.

The full suite of Loupedeck also offers users access to pre-set native profiles for the ultimate in convenience and inspiration. Each full set of profiles features macros and predefined features easily modified to meet the user’s needs, further enhancing the customization of the Stream Controller X. Equipped with customizable icons for easy navigation, the Stream Controller X allows streamers to create matching themes or floating GIF icons featuring their favorite characters for a more personalized touch.

Razer: presented the new Stream Controller X

It was designed for a multi-tasking efficiente, which allows you to easily switch between profiles and create a folder system that ensures organization and order during daily streams and workflows. It’s possible program each button with multi-link macro functions to automate synchronized processes, increasing productivity and simplifying daily activities.

Thanks to creative customizations, users can quickly take screenshots or record while streaming, making it easier to share highlights with your audience. The Stream Controller X also uses a removable 50° non-slip magnetic supportwhich ensures a comfortable viewing angle and keeps the controller steady during long, intense gaming or streaming sessions.

This new device is available for purchase at recommended price of €179.99. What do you think of the new arrival in the Razer family? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow!

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