Final Fantasy XVI si svela oggi in un nuovo video gameplay thumbnail

Final Fantasy XVI is revealed today in a new gameplay video

Final Fantasy XVI is unveiled today in a new gameplay video thumbnail

In a dedicated PlayStation State of Play, SQUARE ENIX today showcased a spectacular new gameplay video from Final Fantasy XVI, the latest installment in the acclaimed franchise. The video revealed new information about the RPG components of the game, as well as exciting battles.

The game will come out exclusively for PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023. It is the first full action RPG in the series and takes place in an epic dark fantasy world, where the fate of the land depends on the mighty Eikons and the Dominants who call them back. The protagonist of the game is Clive Rosfielda warrior who has sworn an oath to defend his younger brother Joshua, the Dominant of the Phoenix.

The new Final Fantasy XVI gameplay video

The video also revealed a number of details about the game. In particular:

  • The shelter – Clive’s base will give players the opportunity to discover more details about the world of Valisthea, from the past to the present. Here it will be possible to speak with the historian Harpocrates, as well as view a chart on the relationships between the characters by the military scholar Vivian.
  • New training function – Players can fight in training mode by accessing the “Arete Stone” of the Refuge.
  • Hunting bulletin board – Also at the Sanctuary, it will be possible to take a look at the wanted posters to discover powerful monsters roaming the world. Defeating these enemies will provide major rewards.
  • New battle footage – The video shows us a lot of combat dynamics, between spectacular actions and fighting mechanics.

Kenshi Yonezu will sing the theme music of Final Fantasy XVI

SQUARE ENIX also revealed that the Tsuki Wo Miteita – Moongazing theme song will be sung by Kenshi Yonezu, a popular songwriter who has won several generations of Japanese fans, mainly thanks to his single Lemon. You can listen to the theme below.

Yonezu said, “Words cannot express the impact FINAL FANTASY has had on my life. I never thought or imagined that I would ever have an opportunity like this. I wrote this song especially for this game. Thank you.”

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