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Razer presents Wolverine V2 PRO: the new wireless controller for PS5 and PC

A new Razer wireless controller arrives today, compatible for both PS5 and PC, with pro features and a complete set of cutting-edge features. Let’s talk about Wolverine V2 Profeaturing Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless, Razer Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons, Razer HyperTrigger, D-pad with 8-way microswitch, 6 detachable buttons and more.

“The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro brings new levels of speed and consistency to competitive gaming,” he says Richard Hashim, Head of Mobile & Console Division di Razer. “It offers everything console and PC gamers need to stay on top.”

Features and price of the new Razer controller for PS5 and PC

The controller ensures speed and control, thanks to the Razer Mecha-Tactile Action buttons with a actuation distance of only 0.65 mm (35% less than the average). All this manifests itself in a faster pressure and an overall improvement in tactility for each input. The microswitch a 8 vie allows you to feel and feel every single pressure. The rear triggers are instead updated with the proprietary HyperTrigger technology, ideal for racing enthusiasts and first person shooters. Thanks to the HyperTrigger, gamers can go from a measured all-out traction for acceleration in lightning-fast jerky racing games to a rapid execution reminiscent of the actuation of Razer’s famous gaming mice.

The new Razer controllers for PS5 and PC are fully customizable with detachable buttons and swappable thumbsticks. Razer Wolverine V2 Pro also offers numerous custom layouts to suit every playstyle. Gamers can map the 4 additional triggers and 2 custom bumpers to their favorite controls, and further customize the controller with 2 additional thumbstick caps for increased speed or accuracy. Finally the controller features Razer Chroma RGB, which delivers beyond 16.8 million colors and a suite of effects via the Razer app Controller. The latter is available for both iOS and Android.

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Razer Wolverine V2 Pro is available at GameStop and on Razer.com for the price of 299,99€

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