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Razer: the new Atlas mouse pad arrives

Stay precise with the new Razer Atlas Tempered Glass Gaming Mousepad. Experience the unmatched solidity and ultra-fast and constant scrolling of Razer Atlas, made of tempered glass, with surface micro-etchings and unique finishes

Razer, the global leader in lifestyle gaming, launches its new Razer Atlas. This is an innovative gaming mouse pad that represents the company’s first step towards a glass-based design. Designed to elevate the gaming experience and meet the needs of gamers who require fast movements and constant scrolling, it is Razer’s first tempered glass mat. This allows gamers to enjoy a practically non-existent friction sensation during gaming sessions.

Details on the new Razer Atlas gaming mouse pad

For esports players and athletes, speed and accuracy are essential. Since most gaming mice use optical sensors, the Razer Atlas has been optimized with micro-etched textures on its ultra-smooth surface. This creates the optimal conditions for the sensors to accurately detect textures for maximum accuracy during gameplay. Meticulously crafted with quality tempered glass, the Razer Atlas is built to last, ensuring strength and longevity. The scratch-resistant surface keeps dirt and dust away, ensuring maximum cleanliness even during the most intense gaming sessions. The mat can be easily cleaned with a warm, damp cloth to ensure that it always remains perfect. Razer Atlas is available in two colors, black and white; players can thus choose the one that best suits their setup for a clean and quality aesthetic.

Razer: the new Atlas mouse pad arrives

Price and availability

Designed to help gamers stay in the heart of the action with quieter scrolling, the Razer Atlas features a fully coated non-slip rubber base. This ensures that the playmat stays firmly in place, even during the busiest of gaming situations, eliminating any slips or movements that could interrupt the game. With the Razer Atlas, unprecedented performance and gameplay are guaranteed. Because every movement and action is accurately captured and reflected on the screen, with zero surface resistance. Razer Atlas is commercially available for $199.99 from and through authorized resellers.

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