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realme at Gardaland colors Flying Island yellow for realme 11 Pro+

Realm kicked off a new special collaboration to mark the launch of the series realme 11 Pro: in fact, he chose to brand the Flying Island attraction at the famous Italian Amusement Park of Gardaland to promote the new smartphone realme 11 Pro+.

realme 11 Pro+ brandizza Flying Island a Gardaland

From July to November, Flying Island will turn yellow thanks to the partnership with realme. Climbing up to 50 meters high, visitors will be able to enjoy an unforgettable panorama of Gardaland with a view of the suggestive Lake Garda. And maybe snap some pictures with your smartphone’s 200MP camera.

realme @ Gardaland min

Francis Wong, CEO of realme Europe, explains: “We are very happy and proud to announce this project with Gardaland. This is an important piece that fits into our strategy to broaden our brand awareness in the Italian market and go and speak directly with our reference target: young people. We are convinced that this is the right place to showcase our brand and our mission”.

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A breathtaking collaboration

The collaboration was conceived in conjunction with the launch of the new smartphone realme 11 Pro+, equipped with an advanced camera with SuperZoom OIS da 200MP. The camera system Samsung ISOCELL HP3 SuperZoom It features a 1/1.4-inch sensor size, 2.24μm pixels, and an f/1.69 aperture. These powerful features allow you to best capture the panoramic experience of Flying Island.

The realme 11 Pro+ flagship is ready to capture all the moments of fun offered by Gardaland, offering visitors the opportunity to capture extraordinary memories in high definition.

This initiative demonstrates the continued growth of the realme brand and its commitment to delivering innovative and engaging experiences to its users. Thanks to this unique collaboration, visitors to Gardaland, as well as having fun and admiring the park from above, can get to know a truly complete new smartphone.

The combination of the spectacular panorama of Flying Island and the extraordinary photographic capabilities of the realme 11 Pro+ are a winning combination.

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