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Recensione Action Figure Sauron (LOTR) by Diamond Select

In this review we will go to see in detail the “Build-A-Figure” of Sauron produced by Diamond Select and belonging to the saga of “The Lord of the Rings”

Here we are. After reviewing the 3 waves that contained all the various parts to assemble the main antagonist of “The Lord of the Rings”In 1/10 scale, we are ready to bring you the complete analysis of the latter. The Dark Lord is represented, in this case (and like all other reproductions) just as we see him in the film trilogy.

Diamond Select has sometimes surprised us with this which is in effect a collection of figures from affordable price belonging to LOTR. To build the reproduction of Sauron you will need six action figures, which will contain different sections. So let’s not get lost in chat and let’s see all the details together!

The various sections

We briefly list the various contents present in the different boxes, in order to clarify which figure contains what:

The composition is really simple, however, we advise you to heat the various parts (preferably with warm water) before mounting them together. This is because initially the plastic will be rigid and, therefore, you could risk ruining the figure by forcing the insertion. Still with a little heat, you can shape any deformed sections from the package. In our case, both the “spikes” of the helmet and the weapon were inclined. Once heated and then cooled in an ideal position they returned to their original shape.

La figure – Recensione Sauron: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

Here is the figure in all its majesty. As we said, the figure is 1/10 scale. Although there is no certainty as to its height as it is never clearly specified in both books and films, this representation reaches 31cm! Yes, it is truly mammoth and, in general, it appears faithful based on what we have seen in the few segments in which it is possible to observe “whole”.

Recensione Action Figure Sauron (LOTR) by Diamond Select

Comparison with other figures from the same collection

The painting has fully convinced us. Both the weapon and the entire figure are covered in shades that are mainly dark gray, with applications of silver and bronzed details. Do not miss the detail ofSingle Ringplaced on the index finger of his right hand.

The sculpture is excellent. The whole armor is angular, full of geometric minutiae and different textures, such as the ruin or the chain mail-like present in the lower part of the bust. Also beautiful are the various spikes on the helmet, shoulders, but also elbows, knees and boots, which are really pointed; so, be careful not to get hurt (^^). Regarding the coatthis is in fabric and its insertion allows it to fall in a precise and realistic way, coming out from the back of the helmet. Unfortunately, the latter does not contain an iron wire to be able to lay it, but it is still well done and we appreciate that it is not rigid.

Posabilità – Recensione Sauron: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

As with other figures in this collection, Sauron’s also presents small problems which, in general, do not ruin the figure. First of all, there are good joints, like the one at the bust that allows excellent movement. The head can also move quite well. Speaking of the limbs, both elbows and knees are missing double joints, present for example on the figure of the Nazgûl, where the armor placed on the legs is very similar to this one. In general, despite the absence of particular joints, we will be able to emulate the characteristic poses of the Lord of the Rings wellalso thanks to the two hands aimed at showing the ring and holding the weapon up.

The problems on the exposure side are 2: theinstability of the figures and the straps that come off too easily. Due to the sculpt of the boots not exactly flat on the bottom, for some poses we will need a base (not present in the package) to be inserted under the latter, otherwise the figure will tend to stagger and fall. Speaking of the shoulder straps, these can be inserted on the “interlocking” shoulders. We would no doubt have preferred these to be made of soft plastic and part of the torso. This is because, once the arms are moved, the straps will jump away and, therefore, for most of the poses we will only have to put them down, risking to make them fall.

Let’s sum it up

There is little to say: the Sauron by Diamond Select Toys figure is truly fantastic. Despite a few small mistakes, we would like to say that this is a representation that every LOTR fan should own. Its “Build-A-Figure” nature, however, will force you to buy six figures to compose it with some of these which, perhaps, will not fully convince you. In general, each character is available for an average price of around € 30 / 40.00 and, therefore, to compose this figure you will have to spend a little money. What is certain is that it is not the price of the Sauron figure alone, but of six action figures. This is just a bonus you will get if you buy the first 3 waves of this collection.

Our advice is, therefore, to obtain this figure only if you are also interested in the various characters mentioned above or, if there are any figures you do not like, to make a little effort in order to complete this one. For sure, exposing them all together, the glance is assured and, in general, you will not regret it!

Points in favor

  • Crazy sculpture
  • Painting rich in nuances
  • Cloth cloak
  • Really remarkable dimensions

Points against

  • Instability
  • Shoulder straps that tend to fall off
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