Recensione Gimli: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

In this new review, the protagonist will be Gimli’s action figure: the dwarf from “Lord of the Ring”, produced by Diamond Select

Our lineup of action figures from the “Fellowship of the Ring” is getting bigger and bigger. It hasn’t been too long since our analysis of Legolas, and we at are ready to bring you a new member of the group aimed at destroying the last Ring of Power.

In the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy produced by Peter Jackson, the dwarf is played by John Rhys-Davies. Diamond Select Toys was inspired by the cinematic adaptation of the warrior to create this action figure. Just together with Legolas, his great friend, Gimli’s figure completes the “Series 1” of this collection. So let’s not get lost in chat and let’s see how it is made!

The Box – Gimli Review: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select


While last time we complained about very few accessories here, on the contrary, we were impressed. I am not presentdouble ax, but also the two hatchets characterized by different shape and height. Another peculiarity that we have never encountered in this collection so far is the presence of spare hands. While Gimli is already equipped with half-open hands, we will be able to interchange additional hands aimed at holding weapons.

Other than that, as you can see, this time the helmet of the terrifying Sauron is included which can be composed by purchasing the first three series of figures!

La figure – Recensione Gimli: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

Like the others, also in this case it is a figure in scala 1:10. Gimli then reaches a height of circa 15,5cm. Speaking of the aesthetic side, this is definitely one of the best Lord of the Rings inspired Diamond Select figures. Not only is it sculpted damn well, but it has tons of details around the body. From the helmet, the hair and the beard, up to the boots, this product is really great. Even the face not bad. Perhaps, in this case, slightly less resembling the actor in relation to the other figures.

Even side painting, nothing to say. THE colors I am hit the spot, including the “metal” ones placed on weapons, in various sections of armor and even inside the robe. They are not missing absolutely the shades of color: characteristic feature of these figures by Diamond Select.

Posabilità – Recensione Gimli: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

Recensione Gimli: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select


  • Recensione Gimli: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select


  • On the posability side we are at a higher level than both Legolas and Frodo. Despite the fact that there are also no double joints in this case, present instead in the figures of the Nazgûl, the sculpture and the dress limit the joints much less and therefore it is possible to lay it a little better. Nothing surprising however, also because this figure is quite unstable and, therefore, will need a base in case you intend to expose it in a more action way. In addition, the head is very limited due to the beard, which prevents movement.

    Recensione Gimli: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

    Let’s sum it up

    Like the others, this Gimli action figure produced by Diamond Select Toys also enjoys a very affordable price. As for that of Legolas, it is easily available for about € 30 / 40.00.

    This is undoubtedly one of the best accomplishments of the US company concerning the world of Tolkien. Although it is no secret that we will need to work more on the joints, the product is really successful starting from the accessories, to the actual model used, up to the excellent painting. In general, we definitely recommend the purchase of this figure!

    We, as always, thank you Diamond Select for allowing us to review this product and see you very soon with a new review.

    Here in Moria there is still a breathing dwarf!

    Points in favor

    • Above-average posability …
    • 3 weapons and two interchangeable hands
    • Really great sculpt
    • Remarkable and richly nuanced painting
    • Price

    Points against

    • … but there is still range for improvement
    • Super-limited joint at the neck by the beard
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