Recensione LEGO Horizon Forbidden West: Collolungo

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In this review, we will analyze the brand new LEGO set “Collolungo” (76989), based on the Horizon Forbidden West videogame

Released a year and a half ago, PlayStation 5 is part of an iconic console generation. In addition to the obvious increase in power and performance compared to its ancestors, PS5 has come out in a period full of problems that, for now, make it really difficult to find.

At the moment, there aren’t many noteworthy titles for which you want to buy the console. One of these is, however, Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy’s second adventure in the wilds where vegetation and beastly machines coexist.

In case you are a fan of the saga or, again, you do not have the opportunity to play the title, LEGO comes to meet you by proposing the set “Horizon Forbidden West: Collolungo (76989)”. This set will allow us to build the very tall car with a fantastic diorama underneath. If he fully convinced us, however, you will find out in the course of this review!

What do we find in the package? – LEGO Horizon Forbidden West review: Collolungo

As usual, the packaging is minimal and features an image of the set, as well as some specs. From here we can learn that the construction is recommended for adults and it is composed of 1222 pieces. The back, as well as further detailed images, will give us an idea of ​​the final dimensions: 21cm deepper 34cm in height.

The package will contain: the instruction manual format of 162 pages, 8 envelopes which include bricks, a green colored LEGO base, a piece of soft plastic and some stickers that we will need during the assembly. The first envelope also includes a “LEGO separator”Useful for dividing bricks in case of mistakes without losing your fingers!

Assembly Phase – LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Review: Collolungo

The assembly phase of the set is divided into 8 parts. The first 3 envelopes are aimed at the construction of the diorama which will form the basis of the model, as well as the minifigure of protagonist Aloy e of the “lookout”. The base looks like a grassy and rocky section, enriched by trees, flowers and an old traffic light now engulfed by vegetation. In building this base we had a lot of fun since the actions required are very varied, especially when we are going to define the external part, enriching it with flowers and building the tree or the traffic light.

The remaining 5 envelopes are dedicated to the construction of the actual “Collolungo”, starting from the body, up to the legs and head. In building the latter, the situation becomes less varied and we will find ourselves carrying out almost all the actions twice since the legs and the head of the machine are perfectly mirrored. The stickers are all used on the creature’s back and disc head.

In building the body we ran into a problem. One brick was wrong and, therefore, we had to cut it with wire cutters to continue with the assembly. Nothing transcendental. However, it could also happen to you to loom in this inconvenience.

L’assembly is, in general, really down to earth and simple even for those approaching a LEGO set for the first time. It took us more or less four hours to be 100% completed.

A Closer Look – LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Review: Collolungo

From an aesthetic point of view, the LEGO 76989 set convinced us big time. The base is rich in detail and its oval shape makes it much more captivating to be displayed and admired. As we have already mentioned, along with the set, the Aloy minifigureendowed with two expressions, the bow and its spear.

In addition to the protagonist, in the first part we will be called to assemble one of the most common machines within the title: the lookout. This is characterized by a body that can be posed in various ways since we will be able to move the legs, the tail, but also the entire front section. On the front, we can change the brick that acts as an eye to change the alert status of the machine.

The Collolungo itself is majestic and comes to measure by itself approximately 33cm in height. The moving sections are different. The head can look up or in front and the rear flaps can be raised, lowered or moved horizontally. Both the golden sections on the neck and the 4 “tails” can move, as can the legs. These are anchored to the body by a ball head, which will allow them to be moved both forwards and backwards, as well as horizontally. The legs can also be positioned in the best possible way and have a rear hole to be anchored to the base. Unfortunately, there are no joints on the knees and neck, which would have made this model much more posable. However, we absolutely cannot complain!

Recensione LEGO Horizon Forbidden West: Collolungo

Let’s sum it up

The one created by the designer Isaac Snyder is an amazing LEGO set. Proposed to a retail price of € 79.99 it is certainly one of the models with the best value for money ever. The splendid diorama that forms the basis, the not so few hours of assembly, the fantastic model of Collolungo, the two minifigures and all the details with which it is enriched, make this LEGO set “Horizon Forbidden West: Collolungo 76989” a product to have. absolutely for fans of the exclusive PlayStation and for lovers of the robot / nature contrast!

We, as always, thank LEGO for their collaboration and invite you to follow our pages to stay updated on the world of collecting and more!

Override on all Collilunghi

Points in favor

  • Generous dimensions
  • Really convincing Aloy and lookout minifigures
  • Fantastic base-diorama
  • Enviable quality / price ratio
  • Numerous details

Points against

  • One brick was longer than expected and we had to cut it
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