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Recensione My Hero Academia – Bakugo “AP Shot” Figure

In this review we will analyze in detail the new ABYstyle Studio figure belonging to the world of My Hero Academia: the Bakugo “AP Shot” Figure

After getting our hands on the protagonist of Kōhei Horikoshi’s work in the form of a statuette, ABYstyle Studio sends us back to the most particular academy of Japan thanks to the new 1:10 scale reproduction.

The “Super Figure Collection” is enriched with the latest “Bakugo AP Shot Figure“, Which represents the explosive character intent on performing the powerful and flamboyant Armor-Piercing Shot. If this figure has convinced us like, after all, the latest releases of ABYstyle Studio, you will find out only by reading this review!

The Box – My Hero Academia Review, Bakugo “AP Shot” Figure

The packaging is, as always, noteworthy. Everything is taken care of in the smallest detail, starting from the typical Bakugo colors that characterize the cardboard part, up to the showcase with applied effects that accentuate the power of the AP Shot.

In the box, in addition to the figure incorporated in the blister, we will find a base to support the latter. The base is completely identical to the one included with the “Midoriya One For All Figure” e depicts the symbol of the Academy.

Let’s analyze the figure – My Hero Academia Review, Bakugo “AP Shot” Figure

The aerial pose allows this reproduction to measure 17cm split in height. ABYstyle Studio seems to have definitely improved the system behind its foundations. Although with the figure of Midoriya it shares the same floor lamp, the axis that supports the character is much more solid and in no way risks slipping away.

The statuette is made entirely of solid PVC, except for the “safety” of the grenades that it has on its wrists. This means that the sections behind his head are stiff, so watch out where you place it as they can easily break if it falls. The total weight is 191 grams.

Under the Magnifying Glass – My Hero Academia Review, Bakugo “AP Shot” Figure

This is, in our opinion, the figure with the best pose so far made by ABYstyle Studio. True, we have a penchant for poses areas, but this was not the only motivation that prompted us to say this. We have reviewed several of the fluttering figurines produced by this company. Here, in addition to the position of Bakugo’s body, there are numerous fully successful details. These include his face (really convincing) and the flame that comes out of his hands. Everything is well choreographed to make this figure credible.

Lato painting, the colors used are very faithful to what is seen in the anime. The shades are present on both the grenades and the blaze. On the rest of the reproduction we have not noticed others and, even if the folds of the visas undoubtedly improve the visual rendering, we would have liked to have had a more full-bodied presence of the nuances. One of the most common defects of these figures is theabsence of color for some details, as in the holes for the collar. This is a pity since it would take little to reach perfection.

Let’s sum it up

The “Bakugo AP Shot Figure” is one of the best statuettes of ABYstyle Studio so far made. As you can see, when exposed to Mydoria she manages to give the best of herself. Like almost all the figures in the “SFC” line, the list price is € 29.99. The company seems to have taken the right path since, like last time, it managed to surprise us. We sincerely hope that he decides to pay more attention to detail and improve even more his products that are already worth buying!

As always, we thank ABYstyle Studio for their collaboration and we invite you to click here if you are interested in purchasing this statue!

This is what heroes do

Points in favor

  • Crazy pose
  • Particularly successful model
  • Solid base
  • Faithful coloring
  • Prezzo

Points against

  • Absence of painting on some details

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