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In this review we will analyze the brand new Itachi figure directly from Naruto Shippuden and produced by ABYstyle Studio

ABYstyle Studio expands its range of “SFC”With this brand new statuette belonging to the second animated series of the Pierrot house: Naruto Shippuden. One of the most complex and mysterious characters in the entire work comes to life in this 1:10 scale reproduction. We speak, of course, of Itachi Uchiha which, after those of Naruto and Kakashi, represents the third figure produced under official license by ABYstyle Studio. Let’s see, now, if this figurine convinced us or not in the full review!

The Packaging – Naruto Shippuden Review, Itachi Figure

As it turned out, ABYstyle Studio never disappoints when it comes to presentations. In addition to the images and the various logos, what we liked most about this package is the showcase enriched by crows that surround the figures. The crows, as we all know, are one of the distinctive features of Itachi, who carries out the “Replacement Technique” by exploiting the latter.

The black base represents the symbol of the Alba Organization and allows you to keep the statuette standing thanks to a rod that can be inserted on the bottom. Even the base has fully convinced us, although we would have certainly preferred that the rod was transparent so as to give less attention.

Let’s analyze the figure – Naruto Shippuden Review, Itachi Figure

Given the pose of the character with hair fluttering at the back, the figure is 21cm tall. And, despite the aerial installation, the rod fits more precisely and firmly than the Midoriya figure reviewed some time ago (you can find the review by clicking here) thus giving greater stability. From this point of view, we note the step forward made by the modelers.

Again, we are faced with a figure made entirely of PVC consistent and solid enough to make the product weigh 153 grams. Only the pigtail and the two fingers are made of soft plastic, while everything else is rigid. We liked the model both in terms of stability despite the dynamic pose, and in terms of overall solidity.

Under the Magnifying Glass – Naruto Shippuden Review, Itachi Figure

Speaking of aesthetics, Itachi’s face seemed slightly too “friendly” than the original version. After that, the painting is really well done and practically free of smudges visible to the naked eye even in the most minute sections such as nail polish and even the ring. The paint used is not uniform. We have sections where the painting is opaque, while on the forehead it gives a metallic feel, and other sections where it is shiny.

The colors are very faithful to those present in the anime. As usual, there is no shortage shades of color present not on the outside of the coat, but on the inside and on the trousers. We reiterate the perfection in the printed sections, such as the logos of the Alba Organization and the sharingan present in his eyes.

To enrich not a little the dynamic effect of the statuette there are the numerous folds on the clothes made in a realistic way.

Let’s sum it up

As always, the 1:10 scale statuettes of the ABYstyle Studio “SFC” series are offered at a list price of € 29.99. For now, this is the figure that most convinced us and that more, in relation to the price, is proposed as a product to have absolutely for all Naruto fans given the enviable quality. As always, we thank ABYstyle Studio for their collaboration and we invite you to click here if you are interested in purchasing this statue!

Your “reality” can be a mirage

Points in favor

  • Dynamic pose really well done
  • accurate painting
  • Beautiful and stable base
  • Prezzo

Points against

  • Slightly little “hardened” face
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