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Recensione Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Skellington Figure

In this review we will analyze the brand new figure of Jack Skellington, coming from “Nightmare Before Christmas” and produced by ABYstyle Studio

Just recently, the figure manufacturing company “ABYstyle Studioacquired the Disney rights. For the occasion, he asked us to review one of the brand new figurines born from this collaboration. And just when Tim Burton is on everyone’s lips, after the release of the Netflix TV series “Wednesday Addams”, we are ready to analyze a figure from a feature film by the extravagant director.

We are obviously talking about “The Nightmare Before Christmas“. This representation sees the protagonist, Jack Skellington, placed on a scary diorama holding a pumpkin. Speaking of the pumpkin, there is a little gem that we will reveal to you only in the course of this review!

The Box – Nightmare Before Christmas Review, Jack Skellington Figure

The package in which this figure is contained is one of the most beautiful seen so far. We clearly have the classic window that displays the statue well. The transparent plastic is adorned with eerie drawings that appear to have been made with a sharpie. The same style is then taken up on the design placed to the right of the box characterized by a black colour.

The package contains only the statuette which is already installed on the base-diorama, therefore it has no additional accessories.

Let’s analyze the figure – Review Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington Figure

Like almost all the figures belonging to the “SFC” line, this one too is in scala 1:10. Since Jack Skellington is a character who is himself quite tall, the representation reaches to measure well 20,50cm (also thanks to the diorama below).

In this case, it is not possible to expose the frightening skeleton without a support. The peculiarity we talked about at the beginning and which distinguishes this figure lies in the ability to switch the head. Yes, because we will literally be able to remove Jack’s head, the pumpkin on his hand, and interchange them.

Under the Magnifying Glass – Nightmare Before Christmas Review, Jack Skellington Figure

We say it: in our opinion this is one of the best figures made so far by ABYstyle Studio. Let’s start with the base-diorama. The terrain is emulated in an optimal way, both in terms of sculpt and coloring. Behind Jack we find two large tombstones, in this case well done but a bit flat in the painting. We then have a couple of pumpkins at Jack’s feet. Behind him, to enclose the diorama, there is a grotesque fence. All these details, although not too rich in detail, we really liked.

Now let’s talk about the protagonist: Jack Skellington. The Pumpkin King is practically perfect. Printed details are literally smudge-free. The stripes on his tuxedo are precise, as is the color on his eyes, mouth and nose. Many times, especially the finer lines tend to have imperfections and smudges, but in this case ABYstyle Studio has done a great job.

As far as the composition is concerned, even in this we feel like rewarding the figure. Everything is optimally positioned. The diorama at the base of the skeleton does not appear to be “a jumble of stuff”, on the contrary.

The only comment goes to the models of the two tombstonesespecially the bigger one. While the one with the smallest dimensions has the writing “RIP”, the larger one is totally devoid of engravings and, also due to the painting without shades, it is not the best.

Let’s sum up

As we stated at the beginning of the last paragraph, for us this Jack Skellington figure is one of the best figures that ABYstyle Studio has made. It is a representation full of details that is very reminiscent of the frightening world created by Tim Burton. The possibility of interchanging Jack’s head with the pumpkin is then that gem which, although not essential, makes it gain value.

As with all the figures of the brand, this one too can be purchased on the official website at a price of €36.99.

Plus points

  • Very rich base-diorama
  • Jack’s model is really well done
  • Possibility to exchange the head
  • Precise Painting

Points against

  • In some sections there are few details
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