Recensione One Piece Ace Figure – ABYstyle Studio

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ABYstyle Studio sent us into the open sea of ​​One Piece, with its new Ace figure… let’s analyze it in detail in this review!

The trilogy of reviews belonging to the collection “SFC” (Super Figure Collection) di ABYstyle Studio ends with this figure. We have already covered nerd objects on One Piece with an article dedicated to the best gifts to give to a fan of the opera. However, what better gift than a statuette of your favorite character?

This time, in fact, we will put under the magnifying glass the figures of Portgas D. Ace: the captain of the “Pirates of Spades”, as well as half-brother of the protagonist Luffy. Ciancio the bands and let’s take a look at the sales package!

The Packaging – One Piece Ace Figure Review, ABYstyle Studio

The box that contains the figure is really elegant. Characterized by purple in contrast with black, it is possible to see the Pirates of Spades logo repeated in relief throughout the box. Once the figure has been extracted, we will notice how, behind it, there is the large “Jolly Roger Whitebeard” logo which recalls the tattoo on the character’s back.

In addition to the figures, in the package we will find a black base representing the Jolly Roger of the Pirates of Spades. We liked this base more than the others in the same collection. This is because it recalls the logo very well and has the particularity of the two crossed bones that come out.

Let’s analyze the figure – One Piece Review, Portgas D. Ace Figure

Well yes, as you can see from the image, it is possible to exhibit this statuette even without the support as it is well balanced. As with the previous figures from ABYstyle Studio, this one is also on a scale of 1:10 e measures 19cm split in height, therefore in line with the real height of the character.

The material used is PVC as usual. The soft plastic parts are only: the lace of the hat, the necklace and the red and white bracelet. Everything else, including the hat, is made from hard plastic.

Under the Magnifying Glass – One Piece Ace Figure Review, ABYstyle Studio

The position taken by Ace in this reproduction is particular. This is because his face is clearly visible from a few angles. Both the hand and the hat tend to cover it. This is not something negative, but a choice to best characterize the figure. The faceBut, did not fully convince us because, in our opinion, it has some traits that set it apart from the original “Fire Fist”. Perhaps his classic wry smile would have improved the resemblance.

With regard to painting, this figure surprised us on the one hand, but disappointed us on the other. Among the statuettes of ABYstyle Studio reviewed so far, it is certainly the one that has the most nuances. These are mainly applied on the uncovered sections of the body, to improve the performance of its musculature. The hat also has various shades of color. In general, we have many details, from the clothing, to the weapon, up to the various tattoos.

The other side of the coin, however, are painting errors. Having so many colors to use increases the likelihood that the figure will have smudges or “grime” from the paint. This is what happened with our copy where (as you can see) the face is a bit smudged. Clearly this does not necessarily happen for all copies, however it is our duty to report it.

Let’s sum it up

After having made us navigate the oceans of One Piece for the first time on our pages, ABYstyle has succeeded again in the intent. This figure by Portgas D. Ace offers itself as an inexpensive, but not poor quality collector’s item. True, it has some small painting defects, but it costs only € 29.99 and, for this price, we certainly cannot expect perfection.

This figure can be purchased at a price of € 29.99 on the company’s official website!

Points in favor

  • Different shades of color
  • Really special pose
  • Possibility to display it without the support
  • Prezzo

Points against

  • Some painting errors
  • The face did not fully convince us