Recensione Star Wars The Black Series Moff Gideon (The Mandalorian)

In this review we will take a closer look at Moff Gideon’s Star Wars The Black Series action figure, straight from the TV series “The Mandalorian”

After two crazy seasons, the first live action TV series on Star Wars, available on Disney +, made fans fall in love. Between photography, direction and also thanks to characters of a certain depth such as the Mandalorian, the Child and the main antagonist (played by Giancarlo Esposito), “The Mandalorian” has been able to capture both historical admirers and “new-entries” in the universe by George Lucas.

While waiting for the third season, scheduled for 2022, the perfect way to pass the time is by filling our collections belonging to the Star Wars. After having explored the figure produced by Hasbro that represents the protagonist of the series, we are ready to analyze the perfidious commander. In this review we will study Moff Gideon’s “Star Wars The Black Series” action figure in detail!

La confezione – Recensione Star Wars The Black Series Moff Gideon (The Mandalorian)

And included in a completely identical box to that of The Mandalorian, we will find our Gideon. This figure is in fact the number # 08 belonging to the wave of the TV series. Therefore, in addition to the trapezoidal shape typical of the most recent Black Series, we find colors ranging from black to gray and orange.

On the front we have the logo of the collection, that of the figures and other info that surround the window. While on the left side the latter continues slightly, on the right we find a ‘illustration of the antagonist with the typical haughty expression. The back takes up the design, placing one next to it small description of the Moff in 5 languages ​​but, as usual, not in Italian. Below we can learn that it is the figure number # 08 belonging to “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”, while on the bottom there will be warnings and logos of various kinds.

The blister Sara easily removable from the upper side (which contains a small window), once the 4 seals have been cut. In addition to the figures, the casing will contain well 3 accessories: the pistola blaster, the coat worn by Gideon and (certainly the most significant) the spada laser “Darksaber”. Unlike the Din Djarin packaging, here the mantle is not stuck on the bias in the blister, but there is a second envelope in which it is conveniently positioned. This allows you to avoid accidental damage to the accessory.

The accessories

As already mentioned, the additions provided with this action figure are 3. Starting from coat, this is made of a soft plastic and is characterized by two colors. While the outside is totally black, the inside enjoys a crimson coloring. This accessory is really well carved, with a varied number of folds that give it a great look. The garment will anchor to our Moff through an interlocking point and is very easy to install and take out.

The blister gun is nothing special. This is the classic scope weapon wielded by Gideon that yes: it is sculpted quite well, but features a solid black paint. The weapon can be held by the figure with both hands. If we insert it in the right hand, however, the finger will go over the trigger and the commander will be ready to fire a shot. This pistol can also be stored in the shiny holster positioned on the right of the figure.

The most prominent accessory is undoubtedly the Darksaber o Dark Sword. This legendary weapon that belonged to a myriad of characters, as well as the first Mandalorian Jedi, is defined as the strongest lightsaber of all time. Featuring a black blade, it is the first time it appears in The Black Series collection as an accessory for action figures. Although the “real” Dark Sword has a blade with a magma-like pattern and white details running through it, this accessory features a uniform paint. The totally black blade is in fact surrounded by an almost transparent white detail. The hilt is well made but, even the latter, is covered with a single shade of black (although it must be gray), without colored details.

Accessories side therefore good but not very good. We would have liked to have seen more color tones, but above all the Dark Sword blade more similar to the original.

L’action figure – Recensione Star Wars The Black Series Moff Gideon (The Mandalorian)

Made following the classic canons of “Star Wars The Black Series”, this Moff Gideon is 1:12 scale and boasts atotal height of 14.4cm, in addition to a weight (excluding accessories) at 59g. If compared with the Mandalorian it is in fact shorter since, in fact, the actor who plays it is 1.73m tall, unlike Pedro Pascal’s 1.80m. The whole figure is made of plastic with more opaque or shiny spots, according to its armor.

Starting from the face, the figure represents a Giancarlo Esposito with a superb and contemptuous expression, as we have learned to love him in The Mandalorian (but also in Breaking Bad). Just like in the TV series, here too we find him inside his unique armor. No one before him has in fact worn such armor. Armor that, if you like, winks at that of Darth Vader.

The entire uniform is black in color, with some red, white and gray details. The upper part is characterized by a jacket, then covered by an armor on the chest in a glossy finish (similar to that of the Stormtroopers). The shoulder straps have the same finish, while gloves and belt are characterized by a geometric pattern. On his right, tied to his jacket, we find his shiny holster for blaster pistols. The pleated trousers are tucked into the long boots, distinguished by the numerous straps.

Sculpt e painting – Recensione Star Wars The Black Series Moff Gideon (The Mandalorian)

The model of the figure is made really well and faithfully reproduces the former officer. The best part of the sculpture is undoubtedly the face. We have already talked about the expression before. To this are added the various wrinkles of the actor in addition to the graying hair. In general, both when viewed from the front and in profile, it is very reminiscent of Moff Gideon.

Me too’armor And really well sculpted. Between the grooves of the jacket and the ruffled sleeves, the details that surprise the most are the armor and the shoulder pads, which give the uniform an edge. The creation of the trousers is also surprising: bulging and rich in folds. Even the model used for the boots is truly scenic and leads back to those worn by the antagonist.

The painting surprised us enough. Always starting from the head, here we have the greatest concentration of details. Between the mustache, shades to emphasize wrinkles and the eyes, the painting is varied and precise. From here we can already see that to the base varnish, in some places another one was applied to give a “glossy” effect. On the armor we have minor details in various colors. The minutia that we liked the most is undoubtedly the red colored stripe that goes through both the sleeves and the trousers of Gideon.

While we liked the glossy cover on the armor, we didn’t particularly like the face. This is because, with the light sources, there is a sweat-like effect that is not so convincing.

How does it pose?

the numerous joints, concealed also better than in the figure of the Mandalorian, allow this miniature to reproduce the various poses of the character. Starting from the top, the head is anchored to the neck through aball joint. Thanks to the latter, we will be able to make Gideon look slightly up and down, while the head can rotate 360 ​​°. Even the neck And equipped with joint and can be moved forward or backward by a few millimeters.

Arm, elbows e knees are equipped with zippered seams (therefore no double articulation), which allow you to rotate the various limbs and be able to reach quite decent angles. With regard to the shoulder straps, are made of soft plastic and, therefore, they do not restrict movement in any way. While the hands I’m ruotabili e slightly positionable thanks to a hinged joint, i feet they can be laid more easily due to the greater freedom of movement.

One of the best joints is certainly the one placed under the armor which allows the former officer to move the trunk in various directions and rotate. The legs they are installed to the T-crotch through two ball joints which give enough lower mobility. The upper part of the legs is also equipped with an additional joint that guarantees rotation even for the entire lower limb.

If the uniform does not limit movements at all, the cloak (being made of plastic) it will not provide the same freedom. To remedy the problem we will have to create a customized fabric cloak which, in addition to improving the aesthetics, will allow us to pose the figure in a more particular way, without having to remove the hood.

Let’s sum it up

Proposed to a price of about € 25.00, in line with the vast majority of “Star Wars The Black Series”, the figure of Moff Gideon is a must-have for all fans of The Mandalorian. This is undoubtedly one of the most faithful reproductions produced by Hasbro for its economic line.

Although the Darksaber is quite “flat” and the figure has some painting choices that we did not particularly appreciate, we would like to recommend this product which has a really high quality when compared to the price!

Points in favor

  • Model very faithful to the character
  • We finally have the Darksaber …
  • Really good posability
  • It has numerous details
  • Holster in which the pistol can be stored

Points against

  • Glossy paint on the face not very good
  • … which, however, is not very detailed
  • The coat limits mobility
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