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Recensione The Last of Us 1×03 – Bill e Frank

Review The Last of Us 1 × 03: the series goes on with a wonderful episode, in which we witness the life of Bill and Frank

ORIGINAL TITLE: The Last of Us. GENRE Action, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic. NATION: United States of America. CREATOR: Craig Marin, Neil Druckmann. CAST: Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey. DURATION: 9 episodes. DISTRIBUTOR: HBO. EXIT: 16/01/2023.

The Last of Us continues its exceptional journey with an incredible new episode. After the long prologue, in the last episode we witnessed the beginning of Joel and Ellie’s journey out of the quarantine area, with the episode culminating in the Thess sacrifice, who after being infected blew herself up together with the infected to keep them away from her former travel companions. Thus, Joel and Ellie find themselves alone, traveling across the world and looking for old friends whose story we know in this splendid episode.

La trama | Recensione The Last of Us 1×03

The third episode of The Last of Us is dedicated to Bill e Frank. Joel decides to go to them before continuing his journey with Ellie and with numerous flashbacks we witness the life of the two characters. Bill, due to his many doubts and suspicions about the government, has spent his life gearing up for an apocalypse and when the pandemic arrived, he was ready with the bunker he set up. One day he runs into Frank and after the initial distrust welcomes him into the house and a beautiful love story breaks out between them, which culminates in the double suicide due to Frank’s terminal illness. When Joel and Ellie arrive at their home, Bill and Frank are already dead, but they have left the man the keys to the bunker so that Joel can take what he wishes and continue his journey.

Il trailer | Recensione The Last of Us 1×03

An intense love story | The Last of Us 1×03 review

It seemed difficult to do even better than the first two splendid episodes, yet The Last of Us is continuing to surpass itself, giving its fans an episode that, without fear of going too far, we can define as one of the most belli ever in the history of TV series. The Last of Us 1×03 stages a grandiose and intense love story, enhancing a feeling that even in the midst of devastation can enrich people’s lives. Love is the great feeling that opposes destructionthe images of the massed skeletons are contrasted with the sweet hugs of Bill and Frank and this third episode of The Last of Us is truly able to fill our hearts, up to an incredibly intense finale.

Il double Shakespearean suicide of Bill and Frank is a very sweet image, because it represents an additional act of love against a world that seems to want to banish that word from its vocabulary. The pandemic has torn apart the entire planet, it has reduced humanity to a minimum, yet when it is presented in its purest form, love is still capable of conquering the souls of men. The Last of Us 1×03 therefore gives us a real one triumph of feeling, not flattening the narrative, but elevating it to an incredible level of intensity, fully invading the hearts of the spectators.

A prelude?

In the relationship between Bill and Frank we can see a prelude to what should become the bond between Joel ed Ellie, clearly transposed in the key of a parental love. In various passages the affinity between Bill and Joel has been marked, two disillusioned, solitary people, who time has made cynical. Yet, thanks to Frank Bill he found the person worth living for and with whom it is worth living, he found a meaning to his existence. With Frank, Bill stopped surviving and started living. A similar scenario should emerge for Joel, who with Ellie could rediscover the joy of sharing and above all fill the gap caused by the death of the daughterwhich still haunts the protagonist of the series.

In short, The Last of Us has given us another great episode, raising the bar even more this time. We are already moving forward, and the more the HBO series confirms itself as a true masterpiece. We are only a third of the way through and the road ahead is still long, so clearly any overall judgment must be suspended for now. However, limiting ourselves to what we have seen, it is impossible to deny that The Last of Us is showing the potential to be a reference series and this third episode is destined to remain in the history of TV series.

Plus points

  • The story of Bill and Frank is masterfully told
  • Practically perfect rehearsals
  • Tones and atmospheres give an absolute intensity

Points against

  • Absolutely nothing to report

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