Recensione The Mandalorian: Star Wars Black Series (Beskar)

Recensione The Mandalorian: Star Wars Black Series (Beskar)

In this review we will analyze in detail the action figure of The Mandalorian (Beskar), belonging to the Star Wars Black Series collection by Hasbro!

After two explosive seasons in the company of the Mandalorian bounty hunter and the child who softened the web, here we are. Space adventures in spaghetti western sauce by The Mandalorian they left us with a not inconsiderable sense of emptiness. While waiting for the third season we must try to fill it, and what is the best way but to fill our shelves with figures and gadgets related to the world of Star Wars?

Looking at my nerd corner, I immediately realized that little Grogu’s plush toy was missing something. That something was just Mando! In fact, we have had the action figure for a few days now Star Wars Black Series: The Mandalorian in his armor in Pruning. In this review we will analyze it in detail, trying to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the figures. Let’s go immediately!

The packaging – The Mandalorian: Star Wars Black Series (Beskar) Review

And where to start if not from the packaging? In line with the other 15cm figures of The Black Series collection, our Mandalorian is enclosed with his accessories in a trapezoidal box. The latter has sections with matt and other glossy finishes, with color tones ranging from black, through gray, to the typical orange of Tatooine.

On the front side, through the large window both the action figure itself and all the accessories included in the package will be clearly visible. In addition we have the “Star Wars The Black Series” logo, some notices and an orange band that encloses the name of the “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” collection, in addition to the name of the character below (in this case “The Mandalorian” ).

On the right side (the oblique one, so to speak) there is a fantastic illustration of Sending with the rifle in his hand. The retro hosts, in addition to the various warnings, the character description in various languages ​​(but not in Italian), in addition to the same illustration on the right side. In addition, also in the back, we have an orange band which specifies that this is the figure # 01 of the new collection based on The Mandalorian. On the left side, finally, there is the beginning of the window and the logo also present on the front side.

The accessories

There are no surprises. The accessories present together with the action figure are only 3: the fucile Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster, the pistola blaster and the jetpack. Unlike the previous version (the one with non-Beskar armor), only one accessory is added, namely the jetpack. The sculpt of the two weapons is completely identical to those previously present. The only change concerns the blaster pistol that it no longer has a black handle, but brown, just like the shotgun. The rest of the pistol, however, is a brighter silver than the rifle details. Rifle which also features the barrel and front sight painted black, in addition tohook to fit it into the back of the figure.

The most disappointing accessory is, in our opinion, precisely the jetpack. Despite being well sculpted, like the other two accessories, it is absolutely without a paint job. This gives it a “just out of the 3D printer” effect that just didn’t convince us. On the back we have the 3 hooks to anchor it to the figure. In addition to this, he is the protagonist of the most evident defect of this figure, but we will talk about this later.

The base for the support of the figure is missing, just as usual in the Star Wars The Black Series collection. However, the latter can be purchased for a few euros in the various online shops!

L’action figure – Recensione The Mandalorian: Star Wars Black Series (Beskar)

Let’s move on to the real meat: the action figure. Without going around it, at the price at which it is offered this is one of the best action figures around. Star Wars The Black Series is officially a line of toys but, not surprisingly, it has been depopulated for some time among the collections of fans of the saga. The reasons lie in the fact that the quality of these “toys” has risen so much that they represent real collectibles.

The figure boasts aheight of 15cm and is therefore in scala 1:12. The character’s body is made entirely of sufficiently strong plastic, with a total weight of 80 grams. I 22 points of articulation they are initially stiff enough to move. Fortunately, after a few poses they will soften, allowing us to position it much more easily. The cloak by Mando is made in a softer plastic with respect to the armature and can be moved horizontally. In addition to the cloak, also the ammunition shoulder strap, the waist and the gun holster are made in one less rigid plastic.

This figures is, generally, a repaint of the last edition. The real differences are precisely the armor coloring in Beskar and the symbol of the Mudhorn on the shoulder strap. The details remain however of the highest level! With the various signs of wear, dents and excellent textures present on both rigid and soft plastic, The Mandalorian (Beskar) really manages to amaze even if observed in detail.

The coloring cited above it’s really gorgeous. The Beskar parts are of a matte / pearly silver which, in contrast with the shiny faux leather, creates a beautiful effect. Paint smears are almost non-existent and for a figure belonging to this price range it is really a plus that cannot be underestimated. Everything is in fact painted in a very precise way and although some details are missing, such as the grenades on the gray belt instead of red, the glance is present!

How does it pose?

With its 22 points of articulation (all well hidden), the poses that we will be able to create are truly numerous. The physicality of the actor (or the stuntman) present in the armor is reproduced really well, so we will be able to easily imitate various iconic positions of our Mandalorian. Thanks to the slightly softer plastic hands we will be able to get Din to grip the weapons forcing them a little.

As with the previous edition, the right hand has the index finger slightly curved in order to insert it into the trigger pistol or rifle. The left one is in a semi closed fist position, perfect for supporting the gun barrel or other accessories. While the gun will be reupholstered in the holster present on Mando’s belt, the rifle can be placed on the back. By centering the hole on the shoulder strap with that of the figure, it will seem that the latter is supporting the rifle. The cape is also made precisely so as not to damage the rifle once positioned on the back.

To attach the jetpackinstead we will have to move the cloak on the right arm or even take it out since, unfortunately, the plastic material of the latter is not moldable to our liking. This prevents not only being able to create well thought-out poses, but also having both the jetpack and the shotgun on our Mandalorian’s back. Being a repaint, Hasbro has reused the cloak from the last edition, when in fact it would have been appropriate to insert one in fabric given the addition of the jetpack.

The Mandalorian: Star Wars Black Series (Beskar) Review – Let’s sum up

As we have already said, the action figure The Mandalorian (Beskar) is, based on the value for money, one of the best collectible products belonging to the Disney + TV series. With a few small customizations, such as adding a fabric cape and purchasing a base to support it, this action figure will undoubtedly stand out in your Star Wars collection!

Below you can buy the figure at a great price. And remember: “This is the way”!

Points in favor

  • Excellent value for money
  • Beautiful details and effects
  • Holster for storing the gun and shoulder strap that can be moved
  • Precise painting
  • Meticulous sculpt of the figures and accessories
  • Well hidden pivot points

Points against

  • Rigid mantle not ideal once the jetpack is installed
  • Paint-free jetpack
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