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Recensione Yu degli spettri (Yū Yū Hakusho): Yusuke Figure

In this review we will analyze the new figure of Yusuke, protagonist of Yu of the spectra (Yū Yū Hakusho) by ABYstyle Studio

Of statuettes dedicated to “Specter Yu“There aren’t that many. However, there are a lot of enthusiasts. The first work to have found great success by the master Yoshihiro Togashi is in fact very acclaimed and has numerous similarities with the later and more famous Hunter x Hunter.

After bringing the review of the Hiei statuette to our pages, this time we are ready to analyze the figure of the protagonist “Yusuke“.

The Box – Spectra Yu Review: Yusuke Figure

Let’s analyze the figure – Yu review of the ghosts: Yusuke Figure

The possibility of exhibiting this figure is, like that of Hiei, twofold. We have indeed in pack a support emulating a brick floor. Furthermore, on the sides of this base there are puzzle-like joints that will be used to anchor the different figures of Yū Yū Hakusho in case you decide to take them.

Yusuke figurine it is made of 100% PVC, as well as the base. If we decide to display her unsupported, her height would be around sui 16cm split, while it would increase by 1cm if we anchored it to the base.

The finish adopted is opaque in almost every section. The only one that varies is (also in this case) the part that represents his special move, namely the “ReiGun”. This is in fact translucent and made of a softer plastic than the entire figure.

Under the Magnifying Glass – Spectra Yu Review: Yusuke Figure

Let’s now look in detail at this figure of Yusuke. What immediately catches the eye is definitely the pose. ABYstyle Studio continues to create scenic and iconic collectibles. Surely, one of the strongest sides of this representation is own the pose iconic detective. With one hand she emulates a gun poised to fire spirit energy from his forefinger, while the other holds her wrist to avoid the recoil. Her face shows anger. Then there are the classic clothes of her, namely the yellow tank top and blue trousers full of tears obtained after a bloody battle.

Speaking of the sculpt, we really liked this one. In fact, there are numerous details that have made us appreciate him, such as the muscles, the hair, the folds on the clothes and the rips on the trousers. Everything is defined really well and performs great. The only downside from this point of view are the seamsvery evident in some sections, such as on the hair and along the arms.

Painting has really high peaks and some downsides. As always, printed details such as the eyes or reflections on the hair are accurate. On the nuances side, however, there are uncertainties. While the trousers have a really important amount of nuances, on the rest of the figure these are practically absent. This is a real shame since, especially on the muscles, gradients would certainly have enriched the statuette.

Let’s sum up

This figure of Yusuke, from “Yu degli spectra” and made by ABYstyle Studio is available at a price of €29.99 on the official store.

We thank ABYstyle Studio for the collaboration and invite you to follow our pages to stay updated on the world of collecting and much more!

Plus points

  • Excellent sculpt
  • Really successful pose
  • Nice looking support
  • Prezzo

Points against

  • Few nuances
  • PVC seams evident
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