Record-breaking Nintendo Switch in Japan

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The Nintendo Switch has just conquered the Japan. Game Data Library, Axios and IGN report that each game in the weekly chart Famitsu Top 30 August 8 was a headline Switch, from Super Mario Maker 2 in 30th place to Minecraft on top. It is reportedly the first time a console has swept the charts since November 1988, when Nintendo’s Famicom (the basis for the NES) dominated the list.

Nintendo Switch conquers Japan

Nintendo has already taken part in the ranking of Japanese games with multiple platforms. In the early 1990s, the Famicom, the Super Famicom (aka Super NES) and the Game Boy they cemented his position. However, for one single console, it is much more difficult to dominate the ranking.

There is also a stark contrast to the United States. While the Switch surpassed rival consoles in the country American and often thriving in game sales (Skyward Sword HD was the best-selling game in July), it usually faces the toughest competition from the PlayStation and Xbox ecosystems. This time it wasn’t like that.

Most of the games are from Nintendo (including Skyward Sword and Mario Kart 8) or come from franchises that have long been popular in Japan, such as Monster Hunter, Taiko no Tatsujin, and Dragon Quest. As for the ranking, it also helps that Japan is grappling with its biggest COVID-19 pandemic wave of all time – so people could buy Switch games to pass the time at home.

Whatever the reason, the consul has conquered the country. This feat suggests why Nintendo is in no rush update the Switch beyond the modest revisions. Its hybrid console is still one of the most popular gaming systems around, even after that four years after the official launch and also in front of technically superior alternatives.

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