Twisted Metal: new game coming?

Anyone who grew up in the 90s will surely remember the Twisted Metal series which, it seems, is returning with a new game for fans of the brand

One new chapter of the bloody Twisted Metal game was just what the fans of this particular, but unfortunately forgotten, series were waiting for within a climate of videogame revival that are going to join sequel, prequel e remake that have always divided fans. But let’s try to take it slow.

Twisted Metal: Is a New Game Possible?

Once upon a time there were the nineties when, between computer and console, one was fighting no holds barred war. On the one hand there was the PC with its titles and graphic adventures while, on the other hand, big consoles like Nintendo 64 and PlayStation challenged each other to the latest exclusive with legendary characters such as Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Donkey Kong, Link, Cloud and many others.

In all this, however, they could not miss some more violent titles and that have made more than one pair of parents worry. In addition to the never-too-mentioned GTA, it seems that he too is in the phase of remake, do not forget the legendary Twisted Metal series that seems to be coming with a new game.

I know the last chapter dates back to 2012 on PlayStation 3, after a handful of titles canceled, it seems that this time we are really there. According to what was found by Tom Henderson, a leak guru, the famous fighting machine title should land are PS5 and PS VR 2 by 2023. Furthermore, it seems that one will also be built themed TV series!

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