Record di fatturato per gli sviluppatori cinesi: in testa alla classifica mobile thumbnail

Record of turnover for Chinese developers: at the top of the mobile ranking

According to data from Sensor Tower, a data analytics company, 36 Chinese developers have climbed the ranking of mobile development studios with the highest turnover record, coming within the top 100 places. These companies would have intercepted 39.1% of the total revenue generated by the 100 companies during the period on the App Store and Google Play.

Chinese developers: record turnover

According to data published by Sensor Tower, last month, China’s 36 game developers raised about $ 2.39 billion worldwide. These are really important figures, also with regard to the Chinese mobile market industry, which has always been particularly flourishing and a source of great earnings.

This is an undoubtedly noteworthy result then, but which is not too surprising, also given how much Chinese users do and they don’t seem to love mobile video games. Just think that China has dominated this sector unchallenged for many years now and it seems plausible to imagine that it will continue to do so for many years to come.

Tencent took first place among all Chinese gaming developers for revenue accumulated during the period, followed by NetEase e miHoYo. We would have expected to see this latest software house a little higher in the rankings, given the success it has had and continues to have Genshin Impact, but it should also be noted that giants of the caliber of Tencent and NetEase are very difficult to undermine.

On the other hand, until the arrival of miHoYo one could easily speak of a situation of duopoly, as most of the best-selling games in China are published by these two companies. The two companies still remain very strong and may grow further in size and influence in the near future.

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