RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful

RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful. Here we are again talking about RecoverFun, this time with a solution designed to be extremely portable

We looked into the review of the RecoverFun Plus a professional product, intended for a quite specific sector, the therapeutic and sports one. If RecoverFun Plus represents the company’s flagship solution, boasting all the features necessary to be a similar product, RecoverFun Mini is instead a solution that does not fall into the category of products intended for professional use, however, it is a model that is suitable for everyone. But there is a category of its own and like RecoverFun Mini, and it is that of Compact Massage Gun.

RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful

I strengths of this product are certainly its size, and its extreme portability. But don’t be fooled by the size, despite the latter it manages to express a good strength.

Before getting to the heart of the RecoverFun Mini review, a proper introduction. First of all, if you want to know the history of the company in question, I refer you to the review of the older sister, while, without being repetitive, we have already extensively told about the scientific and technical nature, the birth, and the arrival of these products in the consumer market, so if you want to find out why they have taken hold in the electronics sector, and above all what it is and why it is needed, we refer you to this article, in which we expose everything you need to know briefly about the Myofascial release. Just as you will read in the article just reported, we reiterate for practice and correctness also here that we are neither doctors, nor experts in the medical and sports therapeutic sector. That said, let’s get to the heart of the review.

Unboxing and build quality | RecoverFun Mini Review

Just as we have seen with the top range of the company, here too we notice excellent product care, starting from unboxing. Right from the start the impression is that of a well-finished product. There is no carrying bag, but we have a small fabric bag in which you can also insert the heads to use.

Inside the box, apart from the small leaflet and the fabric bag, we find a shaped sponge for housing the Massage Gun and its heads.

RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful

Coming to the RecoverFun Mini, what is striking is its construction quality, with attention to the smallest details, and made entirely of an aluminum body. The choice of material, in addition to having a clear touch of class and prestige, is also a functional factor, despite the very small size, the Massage Gun in question is equipped with a fairly powerful motor, all this could make the all, causing creaks and difficulty in using, in this way the weight remains balanced and the structure solid.

The design is very elegant and minimal, in terms of design we have two rings, one on the handle and one in the head entry area, with a play of colors on tone. We then engraved the name of the brand on the handle, and the initials Mini at the top. The lower part of the handle, containing the control zones, is slightly hollow, so as to allow the Massage Gun to stand up on its own. The input for the connector is placed on the bottom, and also here we find the on and off button, and the relative indicator lights.

RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful

Let’s talk about size, we have 45mm deep for the handle, a height of 140mm, and one length (head entrance area) of only 90mm. We are talking about a Massage Gun among the most compact on the market, almost the size of a modern smartphone. For a weight of just 500 grams. RecoverFun Plus was equipped with a proprietary connector, but the Massage Gun also needs more power to be powered, and above all it is not a product intended for everyone, while RecoverFun Mini wants to open up to a wider audience, for this reason I think the choice of having inserted a Type-C connector is right., which is increasingly becoming a widespread standard. Power is a typical one 5V 2A, in the package there is only the cable and not the transformer, but we can use any charger we own. The cable is USB Type-A on one side, and of course Type-C on the other.

RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful

Focus on data sheet and heads | RecoverFun Mini Review

The RecoverFun Mini possesses below 4 LED indication lights. We have just turned on (via a long press on the power button, just as you turn it off) an illumination of all the circle lights. On the side we find the 4 speed lights, at the bottom, just below the Type-C connector, we find the LED indicating the battery status. The LED will be red when under charge (until charging is complete, which will turn green) and will always be green when it indicates the remaining battery. The indication of the remaining battery is indicated based on how many flashes the green LED emits, every 5 seconds. With 3 flash every 5 seconds the battery is in a range between 70 and 100%, with 2 flash every 5 seconds the battery is in a range between 30 and 70%, with a single flash every 5 seconds the battery is found below 30%, and it is best to charge it in this state. The RecoverFun system to preserve battery health and avoid premature engine wear, when below 30% it limits the engine power, and if we try to use it with very strong pressure turns off the Massage Gun to prevent malfunctions.

Despite the size we find a brushless motor with a nominal power of 30W, is an engine of Silent-Force type Technology, with a truly unbeatable silence, at maximum frequency it produces just about 45 / 48-50 dBA peak, the equivalent of a library.

The Massage Gun during operation it does not vibrate excessively and is always stable, even the motor itself, which is accurate and powerful. Speaking instead of amplitude of percussion (Amplitude) we have a value of 6mm, average for the category of mini portable Massage Guns. In such a structure it would be impossible to insert more Amplitude, and also useless since a much larger engine would be needed. 6mm therefore is a value certainly not suitable for Deeper Percussion Therapy, but certainly valid for Vibration Tissue Therapy.

4 speeds available, al level 1 we have 1,800 RPM, al level 2 we have 2,400 RPM, al level 3 we have 2,800 RPM, and al level 4 we have 3,200 RPM. Therefore a Massage Gun usable at 360 ° thanks to the variety of frequencies available. If you prefer less noise, levels 1 and 2 are perfect, while to take advantage of the maximum power available, while remaining silent overall, levels 3 and 4 are a good compromise.

RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful

We continue the review of the RecoverFun Mini talking about the cartridges. We have 4 heads supplied, one of which is special. Let’s start with order, we find the three classic heads; Bullet (made of hard plastic), which is suitable for treating Trigger Point and therefore for the Deep Tissue treatment; Forkhead (made of hard plastic), mostly used for the cervical area, or spine, e Round (made of hard foam), which is useful for large muscle groups, such as the gluteus maximus, pectoral major, quadriceps and hamstrings, or grand dorsal. Finally, we have the special Flat head made of aluminum. As mentioned in the RecoverFun Plus review: it does not particularly change the final treatment effect and the final experience, but it has two advantages that a hard plastic head does not offer, the first is that it can be used in combination with specific ointments, and the second is that it is easy to clean and therefore more durable over time.

RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful

The special one can be purchased separately testina Flex Super Soft of which we have in the review of the RecoverFun Plus, and which we can only recommend for its effects. It also lacks an always comfortable Air Cushion head, but for its price and what it offers in general we can’t blame it.

How it behaves in use | RecoverFun Mini Review

We come to the battery, which is of 2600mAh, given the compact dimensions it is not bad, and considering that in any case the consumption is not very high. RecoverFun claims about 5 hours of use, personally I also reached about 6 hours overall. To fully recharge it takes about 5 hours from 0 to 100%, but already from 50% upwards 2 and a half hours of charging will be enough.

In terms of noise we have a range that varies from a minimum of a minimum of 40/42 dBA, a, as stated above a maximum of 45/ 48-50 dBA, therefore comfortably usable in various situations without being annoyingly noisy. Finally, its structure and shape make it very comfortable, and you can perform different holds, despite the size we can use it for different muscle groups with good mobility to help.

RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful

Despite the size and the 30W motor, the 6mm amplitude of percussion (Amplitude) is managed and exploited to the great, obviously we can’t expect the most powerful feedback, but everything is balanced to compete in its category, and it does it great. In any case, the functional answer is there, and it is quite good. Finally, the level of Stall Force is not indicated by the manufacturer, so we do not have an official data. Trying to make an estimate with its direct competitors, and comparing the related technical data on a scale, we can estimate a hypothetical Stall Force of 10/15 Kg of pressure.

It is not a lot, but it is a modest value that in any case at maximum speed expresses sufficient strength, with medium-strong pressure on the muscle groups the Massage Gun despite starting to show efforts does not stop, but if the pressure is very strong the motor movement stops. Although, however, there are Mini models on the market that offer greater Stall Force and about 8mm of percussion amplitude (Amplitude).

RecoverFun Mini review: compact and powerful

Diagramma Stall torque

For those who don’t know the Stall Force value refers to the Massage Gun, but we can also refer to the Stall torque and therefore to speak more generally of electric motors, and refers to the torque of the motor itself, produced by a mechanical device, whose output rotation speed is equal to zero. So it is the referring to an external load applied externally against pressure to the device, this reduces the torque (hence the rotation speed) approaching the state of 0, precisely, stalling. In other words it is the amount of pressure needed to stop the movement of the Massage Gun, the higher the pressure must be, the more the Massage Gun is able to express a given force.

Conclusions and price

Having come to the conclusion of this article, I can say that despite not being among the most powerful in the Mini category, it does its job very well, and the power it has is absolutely valid for most people, without claiming to expect much from a Massage Gun of this category.

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