Red Bull Campus Clutch: unveiled the date of the Italian final

Red Bull Campus Clutch: svelata la data della finale italiana thumbnail

The Red Bull Campus Clutch Italian Finalthe most important university esports tournament in the world, will take place next November 10. The final of the competition will take place at the VGP e-Studios in Milan starting at 17:30. Here are all the details on the competition.

Here comes the last act of the Red Bull Campus Clutch

The Italian final of the most important university esports tournament in the world is scheduled in about two weeks. The Red Bull Campus Clutch, in fact, will end on November 10th. The whole event can be followed through the RedBull IT Twitch channel.

Note that it is possible to participate in the event. Tickets are available on Eventbrite and participation is free. Therefore, a simple click will be enough to register and be able to follow the final stages of the competition live. During the qualifiers, the Playboys, Immo 4 and Mixers teams stood out the most.

Italian students from different universities will compete by playing VALUING, one of the most popular titles of the esports scene that can count on millions of gamers all over the world. A trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, is already ready for the winners to represent Italy at the Global Finals, a unique event of its kind during which the world title will be awarded.

The Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 competition can count on the support of 4 technology partners such as Intel NUC, SteelSeries, AGON by AOC and Backforce.