MINI presents a new custom car at Lucca Comics

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MINI and Lucca Comics & Games are now an indissoluble duo. For the fourth consecutive year, the car brand has decided to celebrate this great event dedicated to pop culture with a special initiative that combines engines and art. This year we find at the center of everything Caterina Rocchiartist and director of Lucca Manga School, who worked on a very special car.

MINI returns to Lucca to celebrate the dualism between Nature and Technology

The protagonist of this new initiative a Lucca Comics & Games it was a MINI electric. A white car that has formed a real canvas for Caterina Rocchi, who devoted herself to long drawing sessions to decorate the car in an extraordinary way. Acrylic colors, a delicate style of profound oriental inspiration, as is typical for the artist, and a truly extraordinary rendering.

The subject of the drawing was precisely this mixture of Nature and Technology, closely linked to the concept of the car itself. In fact, to represent this second figure we find a personalization of theelectricity (in fact, the power supply of this MINI), portrayed in a dynamic and brilliant way, as well as linked to a bright yellow color.

On the other side of the car, on the left side, we find a Father Nature, more relaxed and spiritual in some way, obviously identified with the color green. A perfect counterpart to electricity, not in the sense of opposition but rather of complementarity, creating a splendid union between the two souls. An aspect also highlighted by the front of the car itself where the two colors come together in a dance of emotions.

Caterina Rocchi he described his work as follows:

“Taking inspiration from the Ita-Sha subculture of car modding enthusiasts in Japan, I created two characters, one on each side, who then symbolically meet on the hood in the Big Love slogan.

Ita-Sha, written 痛 車 contains the symbols of ‘pain’ and ‘machine’, pain is given by the over-stimulating quantity of colors and by the cringe of the subjects represented, but Ita-Sha, writing it instead イ タ 車 is also the machine Italian. I therefore inserted the Italian aesthetic, making my interpretation more elegant and digestible than the classic Ita-Sha, through a different use of color that recalls manga monochrome rather than animation “

A project that will continue throughout the year

The proximity between MINI and the world of pop culture, comics and passions in general that are linked to Lucca Comics & Games does not end here, however. In addition to this project, another one will soon be launched which will directly involve the students of Lucca Manga School, one of the most successful companies in its sector. Pupils will have the opportunity to try their hand at an initiative linked to the MINI world, especially its claim Big Love.

He explained it in detail Stefano RonzoniHead of MINI:

“MINI has always cared about the enhancement of young talents and this year we have chosen to collaborate with Lucca Manga School with a project that will involve students during the 2022-23 academic year. The main concept on which the students are called to work is based on the theme of MINI Big Love, which translates into love for people and the surrounding environment.

The students will have to investigate the issues of environmental sustainability and social inclusion, dear to the MINI community, with the ultimate aim of creating digital illustrations. Through this project MINI wants to give space to young talents to fully express their creativity and to refine the ability to work in synergy in a team “.

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A way to once again unite passions and carry on the ideals of a community. Another point of commonality between Lucca Comics & Games e MINI.