Red Bull OP, the new Twitch format that tests streamers

Red Bull OP, il nuovo format Twitch che mette alla prova gli streamer thumbnail

Twitch announces the new format Red Bull OP, that tests streamers with their favorite video games. Let’s find out all the details together.

The new Twitch format: here is Red Bull OP

The world of gaming is so wide and varied that there are fans and experts of any genre: from tactical to shooter, from role-playing to battle royale. For each genre, obviously, the championthe professionals.

And it is to discover their secrets, the tricks up their sleeves, and put them to the test that the new format is born TwitchRed Bull OP“. On alternate Tuesdays, from 16:00, Marco Mottura e Simone “Vking” Larivera they will invite the host of the episode to prove that they are really lived up to its fame. The player will be subjected to extremely difficult challenges and so on.

Il first date set for today, June 21stis dedicated to those who love i soulslikea sub-genre that has gathered many fans and counts among its best-known exponents a recent videogame success: Elden Ring. He will attend today’s appointment MicheleSabaku no MaikuPoggi.

His test will consist in overturning the classic approach to the video game with a race against time in which he will have to defeat as many bosses as possible in the shortest time. Here are the other appointments:

  • July 5th: GabboDSQ compared with Edoardo Jannonecon Grand Touring 7;
  • July 19: Francesco “Cydonia” Cilurzo con Pokémon Rosso.

The alternation of talent and challenges will continue without breaks until the end of the year, between challenges, curiosities, anecdotes and behind the scenes of the video games most loved by fans. To find out how the schedule will develop and be sure not to miss a single episode, just follow the RedBull’s official Twitch channel. We remind you that the first appointment is set for today at 16:00.

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