F1 22: Codemasters dissects the features of the PS5 version, DualSense included

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PS5’s DualSense vibrates like the steering wheel of a single-seater: here’s what to expect from the Sony version of Codemasters’ latest son, F1 22

In just a week F1 22 will make a pit stop at all stores (physical and otherwise), which means one thing: marketing for Codemasterswho in his staggered disclosure of details spoke on the PlayStation’s blog PS5 version and its use of DualSense. Il senior game designer Steven Embling in fact, he talked about the various innovative functions of the controller, and it could just be the second most exciting news of the month on the subject. In fact, we recall that recently, outside the trappings of officialdom, Tom Henderson alluded to an advanced version of the controller.

PS5’s DualSense roars with F1 22, word of Codemasters

According to Codemasters’ Embling, the F1 22 will use not only DualSense’s haptic feedback, but also the PS5’s adaptive triggers and controller speakers. Thanks to the feedback in question, in fact, “both the sensation of collisions and that of the surfaces have been greatly improved”. In other words, therefore, the game will be able to “communicate [al giocatore] the sensation of contact with the individual surface fragments, creating a much more immersive experience to represent the vehicle in a particular point of the track. ” The controller will endeavor to distinguish the side from which we will receive these tactile sensations.

As for the triggers, the game will use them “applying the necessary resistance to each of them based on the condition of the tires. […] In other words, expect the triggers to get harder when you brake, to make you feel really behind the wheel, ”explains Embling. The same goes for the accelerator during a spin, to realistically simulate the tactile sensations experienced by a real driver. Finally, as for the loudspeakers, they will allow the mechanics to communicate with us during a race. The game awaits us, as well as on PS5, also on Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC the June 28.

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