Red Bull returns to Napoli Comicon with the Indie Forge project

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At Napoli Comicon 2022 Red Bull will go in search of the best Italian independent projects thanks to the Red Bull Indie Forge project

After the great success of the 2020 edition, Red Bull is preparing to introduce the wide audience of fans to i best Italian indie video games with the return of Red Bull Indie Forge, the innovative project dedicated to the country’s independent development studies. The goal of the new edition is offer tangible support, calibrated on the real needs of the realities that will take part in the initiative. It proves it communication activity offered to winners by Red Bull, which will also include visibility on the social channels of the project’s godmother, the Red Bull player Sara “Kurolily” Stefanizziand the presence of the partner BigRocknew for this edition, that instead, it will make available the skills of its best students in the field of Computer Graphics.

In addition, Red Bull will be present at the Comicon with Red Bull Gaming Grounda high-impact space where the public can immerse themselves in the adrenaline-pumping world of Red Bull by challenging themselves to F1 2021 with 10 dedicated workstations. Whoever wins the qualifying heats will be able to move to the exciting play seats, while the overall winner will experience the unique experience of a real F1 simulator on the livery of a single-seater Scuderia AlphaTauri. But the experience doesn’t end there! In fact, there will be a Red Bull Racing single-seater available to fans, with which the public will be able to compete in a game of speed and teamwork, experimenting a pit stop simulation.

Red Bull Indie Forge will instead be the protagonist Sunday 24 April at 12.00with an engaging panel that will see the participation of Kurolily, Giorgio Catania, IIDEA Developer Relations Manager and the winner of the last edition Fortuna “Axel Fox” Imperatore, game designer and producer, with the moderation of the journalist Marco Paretti. Together, the panelists will officially kick off enrollments for development studies. Furthermore, also a space of the Red Bull Gaming Ground will be dedicated to the Indie Forge projectto allow fans to try the winning title of 2021, Freud’s Bone and prepare for the new proposals of 2022.

Red Bull Indie Forge will offer visibility and benefits to Italian developers

The Red Bull Indie Forge project is expanding and structuring more and more, in line with the company’s desire to extend its horizons and embrace the whole world of gaming at 360 °. The greater scope and importance of this year’s initiative is also reflected in the jury of the project, which is confirmed to be of a high level and promises to select real champions among the titles that will be proposed. Among the judges, Fabrizia Malgierieditor of reference for everything related to the video game industry on Corriere della Sera, e Vincenzo Lettereditorial manager of, the media partner of the initiative.

There is no shortage of representatives of Italian and international development studies, such as Cristina Navacurrently Associate Producer of Ubisoft Milanwhere she was involved in the production of titles related to various franchises, in particular Mario + Rabbids, Ghost Recon and Just Dance, Marco Colombo of Mediatonic, developer and Pod Lead of the famous Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout it’s still Gero MiccichéDevelopment Director for Electronic Arts, for which he was responsible for GRID Legends. Finally, also appear in the jury Giorgio Catania, IIDEA Developer Relations Managerthe Association representing the video game industry in Italy e Marco Savini, Founder of BigRockthe largest reality in the field of education for computer graphics in Italy, both directly involved in the project.

Red Bull returns to Napoli Comicon with the Indie Forge project

After an initial screening phase, the jury will select the 5 most noteworthy titles, which will get great visibility especially in the second half of the year, to finally get to decree not one, but two winners. The first will be the result of the choice of the excellent jurywhile the second will be the audience’s favorite game, elected through a survey among the large community. Red Bull will help the winner selected by the judges, with an ad hoc communication and support project according to the characteristics of the titlewhile the game chosen by the public will star in a series of streaming content with Kurolily, which will show the gameplay on its channel involving its close-knit community. However, this will not be the end of the project. The Napoli Comicon in fact it will be just the first date of many for Red Bull Indie Forge, which will see the involvement of many development studios on the channel Twitch at Red Bull Italy.

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