What to know about Sorare?

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Sorare is a platform that focuses on the management of a virtual football team made up of cards in the NFT format. Let’s find out more!

Published in 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, Sorare is a platform that focuses on managing a virtual football team made up of cards in the NFT format. An important part of the success that the game has been able to achieve is to be found in the incredible increase in the amount of cards exchanged between users in recent years.

With Sorare the user has the possibility to buy and sell IT resources by means of transactions made on the Ethereum blockchain; therefore, it is essential to have an ETH compatible cryptocurrency e-wallet to send and receive money on the platform.

The registration process

To kick off your experience with Sorare, you need to go to the sorare.com site, registering completely free of charge. In fact, to register, it will not be necessary to support a subscription or own cryptocurrencies: even the player who is not expert in cryptocurrencies or blockchains will be able to access the platform directly after completing the account creation process.

The first step to start playing will be to choose a username, your team name and a crest (this information can be changed later by accessing the settings).


In Sorare, the players in their squad are only 5: a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, an attacker and an additional player who will fill any role at will. The user has the task of electing his captain by pressing the “C” button positioned on each card: this action will result in the addition of a 20% bonus, which will be added to the bonus already present. Once the formation is complete, it will be possible to deploy it on the field within a competition of your choice.

In a league, the scores that can be obtained depend on the value of the cards, the bonuses attached to them and the performance of the players. The highest score is 500 points; the user will receive a reward in Ethereum or NFT based on his ranking.

Earn money with the platform

The simplest way of earning is achieved by winning weekly prizes given in the different tournaments available. The user can transfer the winnings to the electronic wallet; alternatively, it is possible to convert the ETH revenue into fiat currency. Finally, Sorare also allows users to sell their cards in auctions, assigning a price to each card and receiving the earnings in Ethereum or NFT. You can find more Sorare reviews here.

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