Bad Roads, the film about the war in Ukraine in Italian cinemas

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Bad Roads – The streets of Donbass arrives in Italian cinemas starting from April 28: four stories that testify to the horrors of war

For more than a month now we have returned to deal with the terrible images of war that are shaking Europe to the bottom. The conflict in Ukraine has plunged the Old Continent back into old nightmares, which seemed distant and which instead returned to frighten in a terribly vivid way. The horror of war is at the center of Bad Roads – The streets of Donbass, a docufilm created by Ukrainian director Natalya Vorozhbit, which will be distributed by Trent Film in Italian cinemas starting from 28 April.

Bad Roads: the horror in the Donbass streets

At the center of Bad Roads there are four ways that tell as many stories that take place against the backdrop of the raging war. The events narrated are those of a headmaster stuck at a check point, a girl waiting for her boyfriend with her friends at the bus stop, a journalist kidnapped by a militant and a woman who runs over a chicken and tries to apologize to a couple of peasants.

The film is based on the homonymous film play which is represented in the theaters of all European capitals. Presented at the 35th Critics’ Week in Venice 2020, it received the Fr.remio Circle of Cinema in Verona and was selected by Ukraine as Best Picture for the 2022 Oscar nomination.

A widely appreciated film, also designated Film of the Criticism by the National Union of Italian Film Critics. The Italian public will finally be able to see him at the cinema starting from April 28, an important opportunity to take a look at the terrible reality that is experiencing a country that is struggling every day for its freedom.

The words of the director and the missed sequel

In 2020, Natalya Vorozhbit talked about her own film, showing a willingness to scare all those who thought that war was a distant reality and that it did not concern them. Bad Roads was born instead with the desire to show how war can be part of everyday lifecan let off steam on simple stories and secondary roads, such as those depicted in the film.

A warning that unfortunately materialized, with the conflict that spread from Donbass to all of Ukraine. Vorozhbit also had in mind to make a second film, more focused on the relationship between Russia and Ukraine, entitled Demons. The outbreak of the conflict then interrupted the shooting of the film, with the director who on social networks expressed all her regret that the warning launched with Bad Roads had unfortunately really materialized.

Below, the trailer of the film:

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