Red Bull Solo Q: tournament registrations officially open

Red Bull Solo Q: aperte ufficialmente le iscrizioni al torneo thumbnail

Il Storm Circuitthe set of Italian amateur competitions dedicated to League of Legends, VALORANT and Wild Rift, welcomed a new exclusive member only last year: the Red Bull Solo Qa special tournament dedicated to the MOBA of Riot Games, sponsored by Red Bull and managed by Italy’s leading tournament organizer, PG Esports: registrations are open.

Red Bull Solo Q: registrations are open

From the stage of the Naples Comicon 2022, just during the final wait for the Baron event, the announcement was made: the amateur one-on-one competition of League of Legends par excellence is about to return. Registration is already open for anyone wishing to test themselves and have the opportunity to get noticed in the competitive scene that matters.

The uniqueness and the degree of challenge are evident already starting from the format: unlike traditional League of Legends tournaments, Red Bull Solo Qin fact, it is a competition one versus onea system thanks to which fans will witness truly frenetic and impossible to predict matches in the top lane of the Summoner’s Rift.

To win, in fact, players will have to obtain the First Blood, destroy the opposing tower or defeat as many as 100 minions – and without any support. The winner will have the opportunity to represent Italy at the World Finals, challenging the best amateur players from around the world in furious 1vs1 battles, to crown the best MOBA amateur player of records.

The road to the top starts from Qualifier, which you can sign up for starting today on the official website. As usual, this phase will be divided into four tranches distributed in the months of May and June. It is from here that the eight amateur players which will make up the Italian finalists of the competition.

The adrenaline finalescheduled for July, will be broadcast on the Twitch channel RedBullIT: an unmissable moment for all fans, who can dream of being in the place of the winner – after all, even the champion was just a simple fan until recently.

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