Turtle Beach Corporation: lancia PLAY WITH PURPOSE

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TURTLE BEACH CORPORATION launches “PLAY WITH PURPOSE”, establishing the company’s environmental, social and governance objectives to improve the global impact

Turtle Beach Corporationmarket leader in accessories from gaming, officially announces the environmental program, social e you governance (ESG) of the company, called Play with Purpose. The Play with Purpose program, together with the ESG Policy adopted by the Board of Directors, formalizes the company’s ESG initiatives and establishes the objectives that are, and will continue to be, a part vitale del business di Turtle Beach Corporation.

Available on the company’s corporate website, Play with Purpose highlights Turtle Beach Corporation’s current and future initiatives and goals to reducecarbon footprintdelete the packaging in plasticareduce the size of the packaging and add labels on the carbon impact on selected products from the Turtle Beach, ROCCAT, and Neat Microphones brands. In addition to Turtle Beach Corporation’s ESG goals, Play with Purpose also provides information on the company’s diversity and inclusion and community engagement commitments.

Turtle Beach Corporation: lancia PLAY WITH PURPOSE

Turtle Beach Corporation: le parole di Juergen Stark

Juergen Stark, president e CEOof Turtle Beach said

As one of the best-known brands in the gaming industry for decades, Turtle Beach has had a long-term commitment to ESG initiatives and today’s announcement summarizes our future goals. With the leadership of the RPS Group team, made even stronger by the energy within the company to keep doing more and better, we are thrilled to share these plans and our goals with the community. We want to make sure that when consumers buy Turtle Beach, ROCCAT and Neat Microphones products, they feel confident that we are focused on minimizing their environmental impact, as well as knowing that they are getting the highest quality product.

One of the engagements hired by Turtle Beach to date includes the reduction of use of plastic in packaging dell’88% (by weight) for headphones Stealth 600 Gen 2 for Xbox (when compared to the original Stealth 600 for Xbox). In addition, with other headphone models, the use of plastic has been reduced by87%-96% (by weight). Turtle Beach Corporation also has redesigned packaging of products over time to reduce overall size and allow for more efficient shipping, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with product shipping.

Turtle Beach Corporation: lancia PLAY WITH PURPOSE

Play with Purpose: By 2023, zero-emission products

However, Turtle Beach Corporation intends to go further. By 2023the company aims to introduce products to zero emissions and to include carbon impact labeling on selected products. The Turtle Beach ESG team is investigating potential sources of recycled plastic post-consumer (PCR) and ways to better integrate PCR into future products.

By 2024the goal is to incorporate at least the 10% PCR in selected products. These actions will not only minimize Turtle Beach Corporation’s environmental footprint, but will also enable Turtle Beach, ROCCAT and Neat Microphones customers to make more informed purchasing decisions that support a more sustainable lifestyle.

The program Play with Purpose however, it is not just about the environment. Indeed, the company has always taken a position forte in support of the diversity and dell‘inclusionalong with constant support from the community.

The company believes that diversity on the work place you create an environment in which different perspectives can lead to one better creativity, productivity, I commit of team members and general happiness of employees. To embrace diversity, Turtle Beach has undertaken multiple initiatives in cooperation with specialized employment portals to increase the diversity in his pool of candidates.

Turtle Beach Corporation: lancia PLAY WITH PURPOSE

Turtle Beach: Longstanding Diversity Efforts

In addition to the efforts long-standing company in materia diversity, over 60% of Turtle Beach Corporation’s external gaming partners and content creators come from groups underrepresented in the world of gaming. Turtle Beach Corporation also supports the community in the broadest sense of the term, supporting causes that we, along with our customers and partners, care about.

For example, in 2020, in support of social justice reform, Turtle Beach Corporation partnered with Roc Nation and Team Roc to provide financial support a The Gathering for Justice e Until Freedom. Additionally, in 2021 Turtle Beach announced a partnership long-term with GLSEN to support gamer LGBTQ+.

Stark he also added

We want to work with diverse groups of the best and brightest people, because that makes Turtle Beach Corporation a better place. Whether it’s the individuals that make up the company, the other companies we work with or the influencers, content creators and professional gamers we work with, diversity has always played an important role in the way we do business.

Turtle Beach Corporation has hired RPS Group, a consulting firm Global ESG, to help improve its strategy ESGassist you in implementation and provide an objective assessment of your current position on ESG issues.

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