Red Dead Online: RDO $ extra in telegram missions and more

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Exclusive clothing and extra RDO $ on various activities: let’s discover all the news of Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online: Extra RDO $ and new clothing

Ready to conquer the Old West? For a limited time RockStar Games offers bonuses in terms of RDO $ on certain activities Red Dead Online. In particular the missions via telegram will give the 50% more of money. However, aim assist cannot be used.

Also, until December 6, the city of Blackwater will be under siege: by participating in Call to arms you will be able to repel the attackers and earn the 50% of RDO% more.

And if you like to shoot then reload your Revolver and double action, because double money also arrives on activities Shooting e Shooting a teams. These are classic modes with infinite lives where you compete to get more kills than your opponents before time runs out. What better way to play with friends and family than to use guns? Activities will reward Double RDO $ and PE.

Red Dead Online also challenges you to make clothes inspired by Old West characters. In particular, the game will provide you with free articles until December 6 to recreate the character of Doc Holliday. These are:

  • Bombetta (black)
  • Worsted wool overcoat (black or gray) or Hartell autumn jacket
  • Antoine jacket (black)
  • Sloppy (white) shirt or Iniesta blouse
  • Waistcoat with paisley (black)
  • Texan tie (black)
  • Office worker trousers (black) or Deerskin trousers
  • High boots with square toe (black)

Instead, it will be possible to purchase other exclusive clothing items by consulting the Wheeler, Rawson & Co.

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