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Redfall review: the eclipse before dawn

In this review, we’re going to get to know Redfall and find out how it performed on our PC. Let’s see all the details of this title

In a world where video games are now equal in number to that of the stars, we know very well that creating a new IP that can excite and conquer is not the easiest thing in the world. In shooters this is even more complex than, for example, in a RPG, as some mechanics have to be spectacular, frenetic and perfect or the title will hardly be remembered in a positive way.

Precisely for this reason we at techgameworld.com wanted to take a few more days, to understand if the new title of Arkane Studiosthe same ones who created Deathloop so to speak, could have that touch that, at least at first, we have not seen. So here we are with the Redfall review for PCready to find out with you if this title is actually worth buying.

Redfall review: the eclipse before dawn

A hackneyed story

We are in a pleasant and quiet town called Redfall, or at least what is left of it. The uncontrolled experiments and the desire to create perfect beings he has in fact transformed it into a den of dark creatures. Here people are forced to fight to survive and some, instead of allying themselves with their own kind, have even gone over to the side of the monsters in order to stay alive a little longer and hope to join their circle.

In all of this the agency that is supposed to supervise on security is looking foreven if to no avail, to destroy everything, so that no one can go and tell what happened in the city. This is the incipit of Days Gone… um, sorry for the confusion, Redfall. Contrary to what happened for the title of Bend Studio, the dark creatures in this case are vampires ready to suck every last drop of blood out of the last people left on the island.

It will be up to us to save the inhabitants still alive, defeat the vampires, their human henchmen and agents who seek to exterminate everyone. In short, nothing new from a narrative point of view which tells a story already heard in various sauces and that surely it will not remain impressed in the mind for its originality.

Redfall review: the eclipse before dawn

Absolutely non-innovative mechanics – Redfall Review

The title is one first person shooter which winks at the hero-shooter style launched a few years ago and of which the first real protagonist was Overwatch. Attention, these two games are diametrically opposed to each other, be very clear. If the title Blizzard is seen more or less as a pseudo MOBA in 3D, Redfall is very reminiscent of the Borderlands saga for the cartoonish graphics and for the skills that each of the four characters has at their disposal.

If we really want to be picky, it seems that the Arkane developers wanted to redo this saga both from a graphic point of view, but especially from that of goliardia. Not that it’s a bad thing, of course, but in a world where you’re dealing with vampires and where darkness reigns most of the time, find yourself a funny graphic or try to play pranksters with names of the characters that leave the time they find, we don’t think it’s the best choice.

As mentioned, there will be four heroes available, each with well-defined skills which will be unlocked during the game and which can be upgraded through the appropriate skill tree. We will therefore find ourselves managing ghost rifles, an ex of Layla who in the meantime has become a vampire and many others somewhat unnatural and absurd powers which dampen the gloomy atmosphere in which the island is wrapped.

Redfall review: the eclipse before dawn

A graphic sector full of details – Redfall Review

Although therefore the cartoonish and colorful graphics combined with a rather extravagant writing of characters and situations can ruin the dark atmosphere that it would be fair to expect, the care of the graphics in many respects is something truly sublime.

Starting from the individual characters and the various NPCs, we notice right away a good level design of the various models. Each is original in its own way and is cared for in every little aspect which make it truly one of a kind. At this attention we also appreciated the models of the vampires whoalthough they do not look monstrous, they are capable of instilling terror thanks to their conformation.

In fact, they have one structure slightly more slender than normal, they have huge claws with even longer arms and the deformed face looks like that of a monster while maintaining the human appearance. Dulcis in fundo, they float in the air giving it an even more terrifying appearance despite the graphic style adopted.

The world itself is also well structured. Unforgettable it will surely stay the optical effect given by the waves of the sea blocked but in constant motion, a bit like in the most famous biblical representation of Moses dividing the waters. Seeing such a start for sure we will have expected a lot from this title.

Redfall review: the eclipse before dawn

An AI that makes you say OUCH! – Redfall review

Now let’s move on to the central point of this review regarding Redfall. Although we can overlook the lack of something original with a story that for better or for worse has already been seen in other titles, with completely copied and adapted mechanics and the breaking of the atmosphere due to a rather inappropriate tone for our I notify, what we really can’t turn a blind eye to is Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Artificial Intelligence, if you prefer, of enemies.

Precisely this aspect, which was supposed to be the fundamental one in addition to the shooting system, is the title’s biggest problem. In fact, we will find ourselves fighting gods enemies who are anything but intelligent. In fact, if we position ourselves behind them and turn our flashlight on and off, they will not notice this intermittent beam of light coming from their shoulders.

Not to mention the rather inefficient patrol system. We often met with enemies who were planting the wall, looking at him 10 cm away, oblivious to what was happening behind them, the only real point where they should have checked. As if that weren’t enough, once you break eye contact for a handful of seconds, these remained motionless in the point continuing to look towards where we weregone“, without ever coming to find us.

Add to this a slight input lag making it nearly impossible to hit moving enemies at long range despite a sniper rifle and various bugs that, on top of everything else, they make the characters move unnaturally weird. We often happened to see the so famous Moonwalk performed by enemies as we shot them that Michael Jackson looked like a novice dancer in comparison.

Redfall review: the eclipse before dawn

The end before the beginning

We have reached the end of this review regarding Redfall and the time has come to sum up a bit. The title itself it presents nothing innovative and therefore it will not be remembered either for the peculiarity of some mechanics, much less for the originality of the story. On the other hand, however, it will remain impressed in the players who bought it both for the cost of €69.99both for the number of bugs that this presents.

In addition to a Poorly structured AIin the game there will be a loads of bugs that we would have preferred to be fixed with the day one patch or with a later one in the first week. Although objects disappearing before our eyes are the lesser of evils, we will often find ourselves again stuck with half-screen explanatory messages that we will not be able to make disappear, making it impossible for us to continue our adventure.

The only positive note comes from a really well cared for graphics. Although the choice of graphic style affects the overall atmosphere, in the eyes, however, it remains a real jewel, with very characteristic and well-structured models. Contrary however, the audio sector is a bit subduedwith voices audible even 200m away making us believe the enemy is close.

In short, after Deathloop we would have expected something more from the Arkane Studios team, especially given the price and the many postponements that have postponed its release. That’s all for this Redfall review. What do you think of this title? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss future news and reviews regarding the gaming universe, continue to follow techgameworld.com! If, on the other hand, you are looking for a discount on some video games, you can take a look at the Kinguin pages.

To be reviewed completely

Points against

  • Nothing original
  • Artificial Intelligence to be reviewed
  • Input lag
  • Bug vari