Goodbye to the super stamp, the Aci comment: “Unfair and useless tax”

Superbollo, è quasi addio. Aci: "Tassa iniqua e inutile" thumbnail

Listen, listen: superbollo it’s almost goodbye. The hot comment, then, fromAci says it all: “Unfair and useless tax“. Well, but still not very well, the Government Melons would seem to intend to eliminate the super stamp, the notorious tax that was introduced by the then government in 2011 Monti.

The deputy prime minister and minister of infrastructure and transport will take care of announcing the news Matthew Salvini. He underlined that it has a profound meaning to cancel the ‘microtax’ to “give oxygen to the market, in fact support a precious sector such as the automotive sector which directly and indirectly involves millions of families”.

How to calculate car supervignette

Il superbollo it’s a’tax surcharge on the motor vehicle tax. Basically it is an additional amount to be paid in addition to theordinary car taxwith the difference that while the latter is a regional tax the super stamp is destined for the state coffers.

Now, the surtax of the car tax has been introduced since 2011 by art. 23, paragraph 21, of Legislative Decree 98/2011, for cars and motor vehicles for mixed transport of people and things with power exceeding 225 kW (equal to 306 horsepower).

Superbollo, it’s almost goodbye. Aci: “Unfair and useless tax”, source Pixabay

Therefore, to the owners of vehicles with a power exceeding 185 kW, to be clear those of large displacement such as luxury sedans, sports cars and large SUVs, pay the premium.

A practical example: the figure is equal to 20.00 euros for each kW exceeding 185 kW for a new vehicle. However, this amount decreases as seniority increases.

The hot comment of the news by the president of the ACI

Immediately the news of the possible elimination of the superbollo it bounced in ACI. The president of the Automobile Club of Italy, Angelo Sticchi Damianiwelcomed the plan to eliminate this “tax judged to be unfair and useless“.

“Finally, as announced by the Deputy Minister Maurice Leoafter well 11 years old, he gets his hands on the super-vignette of the car, a tax as unfair as it is useless. A big thank you goes to the Government from Italian motorists, for understanding how this one is super tax represents an anomaly whose only effect is to distort and depress the national car market, which includes, among other things, the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers. Its abolition will give back full freedom in the production and purchase of cars, without artificial limitations”.

Not only superbollo, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matthew Salvini bomb again on the topic of biofuels

The will to really want to eliminate the super stamp: there is. The confirmation comes directly from the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matthew Salvini. In this regard, he underlines: “Thanks to the agreement with the Mef of Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti we want to abolish the super car tax. Means cancel an odious tax, give oxygen to the marketto support in practice a precious sector which involves, directly and indirectly, millions of families”.

Superbollo, itSuperbollo, it’s almost goodbye. Aci: “Unfair and useless tax”, source Pixabay

Not only that, to the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matthew Salvini the topic of biofuels is very close to his heart. In fact, he also specified the will of the Government which will not give up so that the EU allows the use of these fuels even after 2035. “We are determined that Europe allows the use of biofuels for cars produced from 2035”.

When will the super stamp be abolished?

Now, the question arises: when could the super stamp really be eliminated? The Government intends approve the tax delegation before the summer break. Then, by the end of the year, the first legislative decrees will arrive. The reset of the superbollotogether with some other micro-taxes, could be introduced through a specific amendment.