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Redfall: today is day one, available worldwide!

The new videogame, Redfall, by Bethesda and Arkane Studio is now available worldwide, day one has finally arrived. Let’s find out more details in this dedicated news

Il day one di Redfall the new title developed, produced and distributed by Arkane Studio and Bethesda has finally arrived and is finally available on the market. A month, that of May, which opens with a highly anticipated game and which will flesh out the Xbox catalog and in particular the Game Pass, thus offering another work to the already very greedy title park. It is an exclusive, at least in this phase of its life and even more so the spotlights are many. Redfall presents itself as a story-driven title that can be tackled either alone or in the company of other users/friends, up to a maximum of four players. The launch trailer was also presented:

Redfall: day one, trailer and details

As mentioned and presented earlier in Redfall, players compete against each other in a Unique and story-driven FPS which offers the choice of killing vampires alone or teaming up with up to three other friends. It’s up to unlikely heroes Layla, Devinder, Remi and Jacob to investigate the once peaceful island, figure out how and why the bloodsuckers have taken over, and then drive a stake through their hearts. These are the main information to know about this new release. What do you think about it? Are you in hype? Will you try it through Game Pass?

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