Refurbed has published the positive data on the environmental impact of 2022 in Italy

Refurbed ha pubblicato i dati sull’impatto ambientale del 2022 in Italia thumbnail

Refurbed is the marketplace of refurbished born in Vienna in 2017. Landed in Italy in 2019, announced i results obtained during the past year in terms of environmental impact.

The results obtained on the environmental impact of Refurbed

In Italy, the sales of regenerated electronic devices are 100% more environmentally sustainable than those of new production. They brought in 2022 al savings of almost 4 million kg of CO2 emissions into the environment (more than 6 million since the company was founded). It’s about 21 million kg of electronic waste on the national territory (more than 34 million since the foundation).

The philosophy of refurbed has among the main objectives that of act responsibly towards the planet. Not only that: it is expressed through various actions aimed at decreasing the environmental impact as much as possible, while contributing to the reforestation of some areas of the planet.

They were in fact almost 100 thousand in 2022 the new trees (156,000 since its foundation) planted by refurbed following purchases made in Italy. Countries that have benefited from this are Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique and Haiti, in collaboration with several partners including Eden Reforestation Projects.

The reforestation activity also explored the marine world last year with the support offered to the zeroCO2 and Worldrise project which gave life to a submerged forest of Posidonia Oceanica, off the coast of northern Sardinia.

Refurbed initiatives

Furthermore, in 2022, there were numerous initiatives undertaken by Refurbed to disseminate the subject of reconditioned and sustainability. All this happened with the collaboration of various partners, such as Verymobile which, starting last February, offers its customers the opportunity to purchase refurbed smartphones and receive an eco-sustainable cover for free and exclusively.

And again, together with the content creation academy of Flowe, Self Made Club, Refurbed has created the first Green Creator Challenge. Participants, called to record a video in which to describe their sustainable daily actions, had the chance to win one of three Refurbed refurbished devices.

Finally, with the help of the green influencer and writer eco.narratorsince last October Refurbed has been committed to dispensing information pills regarding technology and sustainability on Instagram.

Among the actions motivated by the values ​​that inspire the company, there is no lack of attention to the enhancement of its employees. More than 300 people, not only in Italy but throughout Europe, enjoy the privilege of being able to work in complete flexibility and without any need to make the home-office journey. An opportunity that also translates into a saving of CO2 emissions into the environmentas well as in psychological well-being for people.