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Renault 5 Diamant, a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the R5

In the automotive world the Renault 5 is an icon. Between the roaring 1972 and 1984, more than five million units of the French subcompact were sold. Now, the brand announces that in 2025 the R5 will run on the road again, but electric. Above all, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary, here comes a preview of the Renault 5 Diamant.

Just out of the inspiration of the architect and interior designer Pierre Gonalons. The Renault 5 Diamant is 100% electric and will stand out above all for its color. This, obtained through a three-layer painting process based on golden pigments on a pink base. Coated with frosted effect paint, the final color is changeable, with golden reflections in the sun and a more bluish hue as the light goes down.

The body highlights the original lines of the R5, without distorting them. While the bumpers, the radiator grille, the headlights, the rear lights, the mirrors, the wheels, are redesigned by Pierre Gonalons. The headlights, for example, are reminiscent of those of the original model, but are separated from the body like the fog lights of the time and with crystals that resemble a diamond.

Renault 5 Diamant, retro look projected into the future

Renault 5 Diamant is a perfect exercise in style between the automotive world and interior architecture. In short, seeing a pink car around is not common, but the exception apparently exists and it is also electric.

The R5 Diamant remains in fact an R5. Pierre Gonalons, for example, could not resist and equip his creation with 13-inch wheels, taken from the R5 Alpine, with Michelin Pilot Exalto tires (175/65) and embellished with a golden sun in the center.

Renault 5 Diamant, a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the R5

Renault 5 Diamant the interior is a living room

The interior of the Renault 5 Diamant reflects the great salons of the nobility: the steering wheel and the trunk lid are made of French “Grand Antique d’Aubert” marble, recycled by Mineral Expertise and cut into a tubular shape similar to the structure of some armchairs designed by Pierre Gonalons. The seats are the work of the textile publisher Métaphores and the horsehair fabric for the dashboard was produced by Le Crin, a company specializing in the manual weaving of this very special raw material.

While the vintage mohair wool rug is made by Pinton, one of the last French producers of artistic rugs. The door handles, the electric windows and the gear lever are made from a truncated sphere of pale gold plated brass, a material that is as classic as it is resistant.

Renault 5 Diamant with a technological heart

The technology is not lacking inside the Renault 5 Diamant, there is a fingerprint reader to unlock the doors and a digital dashboard that shows essential information including speed and battery level. There is no infotainment system or GPS, just a space on the dashboard for the driver’s smartphone, which already includes almost all the infotainment functions in the background.

On a mechanical level, Renault is silent on the electric motor or battery that equips this show car. However, we know that the R5 Diamant does not have the engine of the current Renault Zoe, but a kit developed by the R-Fit company whose specific details should be revealed by the end of July.

What is the future of this unique Renault 5 Diamant? It will be auctioned at the end of 2022 and the proceeds from the sale will be donated to “Give Me 5” which, according to the Renault press release, “is a new brand social responsibility project dedicated to the younger generations”.

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