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Renault expands the offer, new partner apps are on the way

Careful to constantly enrich the experience on board its vehicles, Renault offers 4 new Apps onboard: SongPop for Renault, Karacal for Renault, Kabriol e Les Incollables® for Renault.

To enrich the customer experience on board vehicles equipped with the openR link infotainment system, four free downloadable apps are now available: SongPop for Renault, Karacal for Renault, Kabriol and les Incollables® for Renault. Users can consult the details of the exclusive Renault offers in the MY Renault app.

Renault, the offer is served, new partner Apps are on the way, press office sourceRenault, the offer is served, new partner Apps are on the way, press office source

“We continue to expand our catalog of on-board apps to offer our customers more and more customizations and benefits. We strive to constantly enrich the experience on board, developing new partnerships with technology companies, experts in their respective fields. Driver and passengers can count on a wide variety of interactive, playful and amusing entertainment, which will make journeys more enjoyable and exciting”. This is the comment of Jean-François Labal, Responsabile Partnership Multimediali.

SongPop for Renault, the interactive music quiz

Result of the collaboration between Renault and the game developer Gameloft (Vivendi Group), SongPop for Renault is a fun app that offers interactive music quizzesspecially designed for vehicles of the brand. A world exclusive: the first game that allows vehicle occupants to have fun together using smartphones. Just download the SongPop for Renault “companion” app, available for iOS and Android. The system openR link allows you to choose the type of game (single o multiplayer), lo style of music (120,000 tracks available) ei parameters. During the session, sound comes from the vehicle’s audio system. In the multiplayer mode, the passengers challenge each other: 10 pieces of music of 10 seconds each follow one another and whoever guesses first what music it is wins. When the vehicle is stationary, the driver can also play with the other occupants or in single player mode. All to be discovered… starting from 31 July 2023.

Renault, the offer is served, new partner Apps are on the way, press office sourceRenault, the offer is served, new partner Apps are on the way, press office source

Karacal for Renault, to discover the history of the surrounding places

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The world around us is full of stories. To make this content known, Caracal geolocates “sound bubbles”. Thanks to the on-board App notifications, the “bolle sonore” Caracal they manifest themselves to the listener when he needs them. The user discovers, with these audio guides and podcasts, the history of the districts, cities and villages that he passes through without having to do research. The experience also continues outside the vehicle, thanks to the mobile App, designed to offer users a continuity of experience throughout the journey. With over 6,000 “sound bubbles” in France, Karacal accompanies the listener before, during and after the discovery of the places.

Kabriol, the geolocated tourist audio guide for children

Particularly suitable for children aged 4 to 11, Kabriol is a tourist audio guide that offers stories of 6 to 10 minutes and playful contents of less than a minute. In travel mode, Kabriol’s geolocated contents develop curiosity and knowledge, making the child the protagonist of the journey. The story mode allows passengers to discover French heritage, while having fun with anecdotes and riddles. With Kabriol, children can have fun, look out the window and discover the regions they travel through.

Renault, the offer is served, new partner Apps are on the way, press office sourceRenault, the offer is served, new partner Apps are on the way, press office source

Les Incollables for Renault, to learn while having fun

Renault and Playbac have developed an onboard App for the famous question and answer game les Incollables®. Throughout the journey, children will be able to learn and enjoy answering questions, riddles and charades.

These 4 new Apps are added to the 7 already available partner Apps offered to customers Renault with exclusive offers, such as Amazon Music and its 6 months of free* access to Amazon Music Unlimited or Easypark, which offers users a 5 euro discount on their first parking.

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